Telerik Icenium: The first Integrated Cloud Environment

Recently Telerik has announced the release of the free beta version of Icenium. Icenium is the first Integrated Cloud Environment which provides efficient development tools for building cross platform mobile applications. Check out to know more about the price and availability of Icenium in this article.

Recently, Telerik has announced the release of the first Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) of the industry in the name Icenium. Icenium is an Integrated Cloud Environment which provides some excellent features and tools to build Cross Platform Mobile Applications. Icenium is a development tool which provides all the modern capabilities for application development like text code editor, error detection, including syntax formatting, navigation to code, and refactoring, combined together with the power of Cloud and its flexibility.

We are well aware of the increasing demand of mobile devices. Till date there are thousands of mobile devices available in the market. With the highly increasing demand the advancements in the mobile applications and the operating platforms are also increasing. And thus it is becoming more and more complicated for the developers to manage several developing environments for creating applications to run on various OS. Telerik understood this and came up with an innovative developing environment for developing hybrid applications to meet the need of the new era. Icenium does not bind the developers to a single platform or place. It provides developers with tools to build high end applications, which may be coded on one platform targeting a completely different platform/ multiple platforms. Like one can build an Android app on Windows.

Icenium uses the Cloud services, thus making the application development environment free of the platform dependency. Developers no more have to worry about installing, configuring and managing several cumbersome platform-specific SDKs and compilers. Instead, they can concentrate on the development and enhancement of the apps which can then be run on multiple platforms.

Icenium lets the developers use their existing expertise language like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build applications to work natively on mobile platforms iOS and Android. Not only mobile apps, Icenium can be used to create and deploy applications for other devices like cameras, geolocation, accelometers etc.

Icenium for Mobile Application Development

With the development of Icenium the whole process of Mobile Application Development has become much easier, faster and efficient. Icenium comes with several powerful tools for coding, debugging, simulating publishing and deploying applications to devices using Cloud services. Usually when a developer wants to develop an application he needs to install and configure different SDKs for different platforms. However, this is not the case with Telerik's Icenium. It only needs a web browser. It completely uses Cloud services that means no separate SDKs are needed to run an application on Icenium. So, a developer can create an Android app on Icenium without having to install Android SDK or Eclipse or an iOS app without Mac.

Icenium Graphite

Icenium Graphite is a WPF app which comprises of development tool for creating cross platform mobile application devices for Windows. It provides you with a powerful device simulator. After the app is built on Cloud, it can be deployed and published to App store or Google Play.

Icenium Mist

Icenium Mist is the Browser based version of Icenium. It has all the features similar to Icenium Graphite except that it cannot be used to deploy the apps to the devices through USB. However, the app can be deployed to devices by downloading them and pushing them manually to the devices. One can also deploy the app by downloading the on screen QR code to a device.

Icenium Live Sync

Live Sync is a feature of Icenium(Graphite or Mist) which enables developers to review real time changes/updates across all the devices that are connected for deployment. With this magical feature an application developed can be deployed to multiple iOS or Android devices at just a click of one button. Once the app is built on the Cloud it is send to Icenium Graphite from where it is deployed to all the connected devices through the USB port. Thus, all the devices can be updated with the latest changes without the need of recompilation for every change and for every device separately.

Icenium Ion

For deploying applications on an Apple device, the devices have to first be provisioned through the Apple Developer Center. Icenium Ion enables the deployment and testing of Apple devices easier. Icenium provides complete support for working on provisioned devices. So, the developers can simply scan the QR code and download them on to the iOS devices without bothering about the provisioning.

Pricing and Availability of Icenium

As of now, Icenium is only available on invite basis. To get the code to access free trial version, the developers are required to leave their email address at the official website of Telerik inc.
Telerik is providing the trial version of Icenium free to subscribers till 1st May 2013, after which an annual/monthly subscription charges will be applicable.

Icenium subscription comes together with both the versions comprising of all the development tools. It includes the PC installation version i.e Icenium Graphite and the browser version called Icenium Mist. Icenium price in USA for annual subscription comes out to be $16 per month and on monthly subscription basis comes out to be $19 per month. If you are a developer and you want to try the new Integrated Cloud Environment Icenium visit


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