Important concepts in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

In this article, I have included important concepts from WPF perspective. WPF application = Code + XAML. It gives good look and feel for applications. WPF applications are highly customizable. It seperates apperance and behaviour of the application. I hope it will be useful for you all.

Important concepts in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
Overview : WPF is a GUI toolkit which is introduced with .Net 3.0 To know WPF better, it is important to understand following terms which will be used in XAML , code files and WPF development tools.
What are rich internet applications?
Microsoft's next generation UI framework to create applications with a rich user experience. Combination of various things available in different types of applications -
1] Markup and style sheets from web
2] scalable vector graphics, animation, media support from RIA
3] Strong integration with OS and data from classic windows app
4] It consists of a display engine and a managed code framework.
What are trees in WPF?
It is created based on the nesting relationships of the elements in the markup.
Logical Tree: Elements of a WPF user interface are hierarchically related. This relation is called the Logical Tree.
Visual Tree: The template of one element consists of multiple visual elements. This tree is called as Visual Tree.
Important terms :
1] XAML : Extensible application markup language.
2] Binding : To bind the values of two properties together.
3] StaticResource : One time lookup of a resource entry.
4] DynamicResource : Auto updating lookup of a resource entry.
5] TemplateBinding : To bind a property of a control template to a dependency property of the control.
6] x:Static : Resolve the value of a static property.
7] x:Null : Returns null
How XAML compilation takes place?
- It is two stage compilation.
-XAML-> BAML and .g.cs file by xamlc.exe
- Cse.exe for final compilation for creating final exe or dll
What is BAML ?
BAML stands for Binary Application Markup Language.
It is small , compressed tokenized form of XAML
Resides as a embedded resource within the assembly.
what are different types of WPF application?
1] Standard single window type: Every control is placed in the same window in such type of application.
2]Browser navigation type: This is special type of window which is inherited from windows but with a navigation panel top of it. In case you wish to create application like wizard then navigation window is a good option.
You can also customize navigation panel as per your choice.
3] Browser application: In this type of application, page can be opened in web browser as XBAP applications.
Runs in a sandbox with internet permissions.


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