Shortcuts to work with Visual Studio

There are many shortcuts in Visual studio, that makes work easier to the .NET programmers. Below are some of them for editing, intellisense, debugging, navigation between different views, windows, snippets and to build programs in a solution.


Collapses existing regions view of the types and members (CTRL + M + O)
Removes all outlining information in the document. (CTRL + M + P)
selected collapsed region are Toggled. (CTRL + M + M)
Inserts an element in the beginning of current line or currently selected lines. (CTRL + K + C)
Removes an element in the beginning of current line or currently selected lines. (CTRL + K + U)
Formats current document as per indentation and code formatting specified on the Formatting pane in Tools-> Options -> Text Editor -> C#. (CTRL + K + D)
Pastes Clipboard ring text to the cursor location in a file. Further using the shortcut key iterates Clipboard ring to the end. (CTRL + SHIFT + V)
Displays the smart tag menu options.(CTRL + .)


Displays the smart tag menu options. (CTRL + K + I)
Visible completion list becomes transparent. (CTRL)


Launches Debug Mode (F5)
Launches without Debug Mode (CTRL + F5)
Sets or removes a breakpoint in current line (F9)
Removes all breakpoints (CTRL + SHIFT + F9)


Displays references for the symbol selected (CTRL + K + R)
Moves the cursor to the matching brace in the source (CTRL + ])
Navigates to the code declaration of the selected symbol (F12)
Moves to the previously browsed code line (CTRL + -)
Displays the Code view of selected item (F7)
Switches to Design view from Source view (SHIFT + F7)
Switches to Source view from in Design view (SHIFT + F7)
Displays the Find and Replace dialog box (CTRL + F)
To get the Go To Line dialog box (CTRL + G)


To display Class window (CTRL + W + C)
To display Class Definition window (CTRL + W + D)
To display the window Error List (CTRL + W + E)
To get the Object Browser (CTRL + W + J)
Displays Solution Explorer, with projects and files in the current solution (CTRL + W + S)
Displays the window Task List (CTRL + W + T)
Closes the tools window (SHIFT + ESC)
To close the current tab (CTRL + F4)
Displays IDE Navigator and selectes the first window (CTRL + TAB)


Class (class | TAB | TAB)
Constructor (ctor | TAB | TAB)
Windows - Message Box (mbox | TAB |TAB)
Console – WriteLine (cw | TAB | TAB)
Property – (prop | TAB | TAB)
To get more snippets ( CTRL + K + X)


To Build all projects in a solution (F6 / CTRL + SHIFT + B)
To Build the selected project and its dependencies (SHIFT + F6)


Author: Mahesh Nagar21 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

thanks very fine article /..

Author: Phagu Mahato16 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Thank for sharing Shartcut in VS . I explain some more shortcut in General section of VS
Ctrl-X or Shift-Delete :Cuts the currently selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert : Copies the currently selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert :Pastes the item in the clipboard at the cursor
Ctrl-Z or Alt-Backspace :Undo previous editing action
Ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Shift-Z :Redo the previous undo action
Ctrl-Shift-V or Ctrl-Shift-Insert :Pastes an item from the clipboard ring tab of the Toolbox at the cursor in the file and automatically selects the pasted item. Cycle through the items on the clipboard by pressing the shortcut keys repeatedly
Esc : Closes a menu or dialog, cancels an operation in progress, or places focus in the current document window
Ctrl-S : Saves the selected files in the current project (usually the file that is being edited)
Ctrl-Shift-S :Saves all documents and projects
Ctrl-P : Displays the Print dialog
F7 :Switches from the design view to the code view in the editor
Shift-F7 : Switches from the code view to the design view in the editor
F8 :Moves the cursor to the next item, for example in the TaskList window or Find Results window
Shift-F8 :Moves the cursor to the previous item, for example in the TaskList window or Find Results window
Shift-F12 :Finds a reference to the selected item or the item under the cursor
Ctrl-Shift-G :Opens the file whose name is under the cursor or is currently selected
Ctrl-/ : Switches focus to the Find/Command box on the Standard toolbar
Ctrl-Shift-F12 :Moves to the next task in the TaskList window
Ctrl-Shift-8 :Moves backward in the browse history. Available in the object browser or Class View window
Alt-Left Arrow : Go back in the web browser history
Alt-Right Arrow : Go forward in the web browser history

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