Diffrence between procedural and object oriented languages

when the computer was invented binary languages was used to write programs.for easy to make program,procedural programming languages c and pascal are developed.For take advantages these language and for make more user friendly program OOP concept developed.today we will discus about differences between procedural and OOP languages

In the late 1960,high-level languages such as c and pascal were developed.These languages provided a structured way of writing way of wriring programs. Structured programming(also knownas procedural programming)was powerfull and easy way approach of writing complex programs.
In procedural programming ,programs are devided into diffrent procedures(also known as functions,routine or subroutines).Each one of these procedures contains a set of instructions that perform a specific task.This approach follows the top down approach for designing of program.That is,first the entire program id devided into a number of subroutine and these subroutines are again devided into a number of small subroutines and so on until each subroutine become an indivisible unit.
Programs in procedural programming consist of a controlling procedure known as the main ,which control the execution of other procedures.When a call is made to a procedure the programs control is passed to that procedure are executed one after another.After executing all the instruction,the pprogram control return to the procedure from where the call is made.
limitaion of procedural languages
1.The emphasis is on the functionality of the software rather than data used by the function
2.in case the need arises to modify the format of the data,all functions accessing the data also need to modified.This causes an extre overhead and makes the program prone to errors.
3. The large programs developed using this approach are difficult to miantain ,debug and extend.
4.The procedural programming approach does not model real world very well as any real world entity is characterized not only by the functions it perform but also the properties it posses.
To overcome the limitationof procedural programming,object-oriented programming(OOP) paradigm has been developed.this revolutionized the process of software development.it not only include best feature of structured programming,but also interduce some new and advanced feature that the procedural programming lacked.
The most important feature is that unlike the procedural approach in which the program is divided into a number of functions,OOP divides the program into number of object.
lets take a look on OOP features:
1.It emphasise on the data rather than the function or procedure.
2.OOP models real world very well by binding the data and the associated functions together under a single unit and thus,prevents the free movement of data from one function to another
3.The object of the entire system can intract with each other b sending message to each other.


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