Way of dealing with the world of programming (different for different persons)

Does surrounding around us really affect our way of working and dedication towards the work. There is included an incidence from the life of Paul Lutus (Scientist cum Programmer). Who was famous for his unique way of dealing with the creation of programs and programming. Learn what is Program and programming?

About Programs and programming

Strange way of Computer programming by Paul Lutus:

Paul Lutus once in NASA leaved it out and moved out towards mountain top, where it is said that he wrote the most popular processing program for computers.

Paul Lutus: Author of 'Apple Writer' [Best Selling word procesing program]

In computer filed, people know him by the name- Oregon hermit. Who like to write computer programs in solitude. Quite stange in behavior, unlike other person he used to hang up on important calls for not to let move out the important programming ideas.

How he introduce his first personal computer...

On a spring he moved to some wild corner of Oregan (on the top of four-hundred-foot hill) and there built its cabin. Where deer was more frequent visitors than the people.

One day under the light of kerosene he was reading the Scientific American covering the advertisement named- Apple II, followed up with numerous thoughts of a different world of three dimension, stories, music, storing large amount of information. On the next day placed order for the same.

By the time it arrived, Mr. Paul filled his notebook with ideas of programs which he was going to write. Being novice he was quite unfamiliar with the computer, so at the time of arrival of the apple when he tried to follow the instructions things couldn't followed up. But soon through some experiment got all the necessities and began writing programs initially only for the fun of it along with lot of pictures and music.

After some time When pen down result with some programs which he soon mailed them to Apple Computer, which promptly offered them to buy them so result in the encouragement for further programming and for him to surprise that within week he start earning more then the cost of the machine.

Once a device which he was considering as just a source of information and a playing machine, result in sudden crack of idea of why not doing some work on the project, a word processing program to "obsolete his typewriter". So some serious work began out. Finally the day arrived with on the verge of finish of his project.

On the last day of his project when he was going to prepare the instruction manual. some interesting incidence took place. That day it was raining heavily outside. He seated down in front of the computer to complete the process, suddenly lightning struck a tree just outside the window caused sudden spark which made the system blank. It was kind of complete silence for some time. Even then he tried his his luck and restart the computer and it works...

Following immediate mail to Apple- 'the first version of Apple Writer'.

Why such an uncommon combination of nature and programming, as he always wanted to explain how computerized cottage and trees works very well together. As best background for creative thinking is complete silence. In his words:

'Programming the present generation of computers in machine language means thinking about twenty things all at once without dropping any of the pieces.'



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