Compilation in ASP.NET 4.0 and its features

In this Article, You Learn About the Basic Concept of Compilation in Web application.I will Explain about Compilation in ASP.NET 4.0 and What are the features in Asp.Net Compilation Architecture.Learn More about Automatic Compilation,Flexible Deployment in Asp.Net 4.0 . Advantages of Compilation in Asp.Net 4.0

First ASP.NET compiles code into one or more assemblies with the extension .dll. if you want to select multiple language in Single Asp.Net Application, you can select the language C#, VB, and Others, to write ASP.Net Code. when the source code is compiled, it is converted / translated into a language-Independent and CPU-Independent language called MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language).

Compilation Provides Security, Performance, Stability and interoperability of the web application. At the run time, IL is translated into CPU-Specific instruction, which to the process of the Computers running the application.

Here I am giving Some Advantages of Compilation in Asp.Net 4.0 are as follows:

1. Improve Performance:
Improves performance as the compiled code no need for additional parsing as the system can find the precompiled code better.

2. Provide better security:
Provides better security as its lacks readability and abstraction. therefore, the compiled code can't be reversed.

3. Provides stability as during Compilation is code. it is checked the type of error like Syntax error ,type safety or any other problem.

Compilation Architecture of Asp.Net 4.0 contains following Features:

1. Multiple Language Support

2. Automatic Compilation

3. Flexible Deployment

4. Extensible Build System

1. Multiple Language Support
In ASP.Net 4.0 application, you can use any type of .Net application in Single Asp.Net application.

In Asp.Net 4.0 application, Many assemblies will be created and each assembly supports each language. the code will stored in app_code folder in application.

2. Automatic Compilation
Asp.Net 4.0 application contains So many features. it is used to create a web application easy by developers. it will reduced no of code also.

Automatic Compilation is one of the best features in Asp.Net 4.0 application.

Compiles the Application and any dependent resources, at the instance when the client or user request a resource from the website.

3. Flexible Deployment
In ASp.Net 4.0, you can just copy your source code of the application to the web server. it gives two way of compilation in Asp.Net 4.0.

First, you can compile the website before deploying in server.

Second, you can compile website after deploying in server.

I think It will help you about Compilation in Asp.Net 4.0. Thanks for reading my Article Compilation in Asp.Net 4.0. if you have any query or you have any suggestion, let me know. I will appreciate you valuable feedback.



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