Convert Money from Numbers to words including paise

The resource is about converting amount into words and taking care of rupees as well as paise. In some application when we work with Amount (Money) and have to generate slips, it demands printing the amount in words on the transaction slip. In this Article I am providing a VB.Net class which is having a method Num2WordConverter which will make this task very smooth. It takes a decimal number as argument and returns its corresponding string (i.e. number is words)

In applications (specially banking) when we are dealing with money and have to generate transaction or other kind of slips, we have to print the amount in words as well. The amount consist of Rupees and paise.

For instance


and for this we have to print it as

INR Two hundered and Paise Eighty-Nine only

I came across many code snippets for converting a number into words but they can only work with integers. They can convert a number into it corresponding words only if its not having decimal. But when we dealing with money we have amount in rupees as well as in paise. So i thought of writing some code which will make this job smoother.

This code can convert a number of type decimal to words means it will take care of everything numbers before the decimal and numbers after the decimal too. Before the decimal digits will be considered rupess and after digits will be treated as paise.

The Num2WordConverter method takes a decimal number as argument and returns the corresponding amount in words upto two decimal accuracy.

It can take value upto 999999999.99 and will give you accurate string word.

For instance


will be give you string as

INR 1 thousand Ninety and Paise Ninety-three only

Just add the class in your project and use its Num2WordConverter method which takes one string argument as Amount and returns the corresponding amount in words.

I am attaching the class file . You can download it directly.

Class Number to Word Converter

Just add it in your project. Create an Instance and call the Num2WordConverter method. It will take care of rest of the things.


Guest Author: AMzikan25 Mar 2012

thank you ^^

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