.NET interview questions for 5+ years of experience - OOPS, C#, ASP.NET, WPF, .NET Fundamentals

Last week, I attended interview with Value Source Technologies, Chennai and mode of the interview is face to face. That opening is for WPF and WCF. The interviewer asked questions in ASP.NET, C#, OOPS, .NET fundametals, WPF. Most of the questions look common but some of the questions are interesting(Q20, Q22). I will try to post answers also.

1. What is a Partial class?
2. Are keys in a dictionary unique?
3. In a hashtable, what are data types you can use as a key?
4. Program to reverse a string and check whether it is a palindrome without using built in functions
5. What is a Disposable Pattern?
6. What is String Builder?
7. Is Reflection used only to get the metadata of an assembly?
8. What is dll hell?
9. Difference between Stored Procedure and Function?
10. What is a Constructor?
11. What is Method overloading and Method overriding?
12. Is it possible to override a function in the child class without any virtual function in the base 13. How will you implement Google's suggestions while searching something
14. WPF Architecture, TwoBinding, PresentationCore, Resources
15. Twoway binding between a property and a TextBox, Either on button click or via a short cut key (alt or ctrl + some key) it will show the Text in the TextBox. I entered a Text and pressed the short cut key. What will happen? Error or Entered Text or ?
16. Register tag in ASP.NET then why add reference, How to use custom control and user control in ASP.NET Page
17. What are the differences between themes and skins
18. What are the differences between style sheets and skins
19. A string has "Hello , Good Morning", print with the name given by user.
20. void Q(int i)

What is the output?
21. What are the differences between interface and abstract.
22. Two functions:
int Add(int A, int B) { // Your code }
int Add(int A, int B, int C) { return (A + B + C); }

You should call the second method in first to perform addition of A and B. How will you do?


Guest Author: latha11 Feb 2014

Nice questions. Thanks.

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