Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing to India

In this article, I have talked about what actually outsourcing means. Apart from this, you will come across 10 benefits which you can enjoy if you want to outsource to India. Benefits like the time zone advantage, cost effective solutions, skilled labor, and many other advantages are worth paying attention to. Read the resource for more details.

With the advent of technology today, business has become easy but on the other hand complex. Most businessmen today want to make money as fast as possible. Even though they do not have that much of work force, they need to jump up on the top. They always try to find new customers and keep hunting new ways to expand their businesses. Besides expanding, they want their tasks to be done as soon as possible. Most of the companies today want that their projects must be done as soon as possible. While some are known for their quality work, some love to get that done as soon as possible. In this resource, I am talking about what outsourcing is and 10 benefits of outsourcing to India.

What is outsourcing?

The very basic idea of what outsourcing means can be drawn from the word itself. The word is made up of 2 words – out and sourcing. Outsourcing simply means sourcing your task from somewhere outside your proximity, especially, your own company. Suppose you have a company which has a work force of only a couple of thousand employees and you have got a big project which needs to be completed in short time. Now, since you have only 2000 people under you, you cannot employ them all for the same project. Many of them will be busy with the management of your companies and private projects.

So, in this case, outsourcing is like a bliss. If you have just 2000 people under you and you know that this work force is not at all enough to carry the load of the new project you got, its time for you to shift the load of the project to an outsourcing company. This is where outsourcing is a help. All you need to do is pay them for the work and your task is completed in short time.

Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing to India

When you talk about outsourcing, outsourcing to India is a very beneficial option. By outsourcing to India, you can simply enjoy many benefits which you might not find altogether in any other country. Thus outsourcing to India can be a better option over other countries. Here are the top 10 benefits of outsourcing to India.

Outsourcing to India is cost effective

One of the most important reasons which drive you or compel you to outsource job in India is about the cost effective nature of outsourcing to India. When you outsource to India, you get a variety of facilities, which you will not find altogether in other countries. All these facilities when come together, they result in giving you a cost effective solution to your tasks. By outsourcing to India, you can cut upon the costs and save your capital for other purposes and other investments. Cost effective features of outsourcing to India is what I will cover in detail in the following points.

Outsourcing to India means getting cheap labour

When you send a project to India for outsourcing, what you will be doubting is on the cost of getting labor. In India, labour is available at really short prices. Due to high rates of unemployment, people get ready to work for you easily. Even though this is an irony to Indian economy, it can be a benefit or a plus point for your business and you can find some room to make some more profit. Due to the cheap labor you can cup upon costs of labor which you might find in US or Canada. In such countries, the meaning of outsourcing is not too significant because the cost of labor is too high.

In the recent years of recession, companies started discarding people from jobs because they did not have that much profit to feed such a large number of people. Due to this, people under pressure agreed to work at lower wages and salaries and recently, the price of outsourcing has gone even down so you can be assure of keeping India at the top of the list while you find countries for outsourcing that you won't be running in loss. Availability of cheap labor means chance for you to get things done at cheaper costs.

Outsourcing to India and infrastructure

The pace of development in India in the recent couple of decades has risen up like anything. The 4 metropolitan cities in India – Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, all of them are highly developed when it comes to infrastructural facilities. Besides these 4 metropolitan cities, Bangalore has emerged as the giant in this field. Infrastructural facilities in all such cities is really high. Now, you cannot imagine Indian offices to be congested and of poor hygiene.

If you visit a call center in India especially in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore you will find that these offices are quite well spaced. They have all the features needed like nice work desks and other facilities. So, apart from cost effective benefits, by outsourcing to India, you can be assure of quality work done in quality space.

Outsourcing to India means adding to competition

When you outsource a project to India, you can imagine that it will be a process which will help you cut upon worthless costs. However, apart from this, you can be sure of getting extremely high quality service because outsourcing business in India has emerged like a whole new industry.

There are many outsourcing service providers in India which keep struggling to get attention from multinational corporations to get projects and find a work for themselves. Due to this domestic rivalry, especially in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, almost all the MNCs have set up offices in these cities, especially those related to IT sector. They know that due to increased competition, they won't have to struggle much to find the right solution for their businesses. The competition in this field has given rise to an era where competition is synonymous to less cost.

Outsourcing to India provides you the Time – Zone advantage

There is a huge time zone difference in India and countries like US and Canada. Usually when it is day in India, it would be night in such countries, or at least a big difference. Because of this, if you ship your project to India, I mean to say, outsource your project to India, you will get the time zone advantage. Suppose there is a time zone difference of 10 hours between India and some other country. Then if a country closes down its office at 8 PM and sends a project just an hour before closing down the office, it is very much possible that the outsourcing service provider in India will send them the completed project by morning or noon time the next day. This is because even if the office in the other country gets closed down, due to the time zone difference, the offices in India still keep running.

Outsourcing to India means getting served by highly skilled engineers

Skill has always been the prime factor for employing someone. It depends on your skill whether you can be employed or not, whether you are needed or not. Due to the broad education that Indian institutions provide to the students, Indian engineers have been acknowledged to be amongthe most skilled engineers on the planet. Institutions like IIT are known worldwide for the quality human resource they provide to the companies.

If you outsource a project to India, you will be served by the top of the class engineers. In India, institutions not only provide education related to the profession opted by the students, they provide them with broad education, which can be related to various other fields. For example, it is very much possible that an IT engineer will know a lot about mechanics because VTU, Asia's leading technological university provides them such quality education.

Due to this fact, outsourcing to India has become synonymous to getting served by highly skilled engineers. Your project will be handled by a group of engineers who have expertise over the subject and know what they need to do. So you can be sure that you will get the results you always wanted.

Outsourcing to India means you can outsource almost anything

Due to the fact Indian students can take up various types of tasks and can complete them efficiently, it has become possible for foreign countries that they can outsource anything to India. When it comes to outsourcing projects to India, you can outsource almost anything, ranging from software development projects to legal services.

There is a large variety of services that you can get by outsourcing to India. Almost all types of projects are handled by Indian outsourcing service providers. Some of the services you can outsource to India are call center services (both inbound and outbound), data entry services (data entry, conversion, processing, etc.), transcription services (legal, multimedia, academic, research, etc.), engineering services (mechanical, structural, architectural, civil, etc.), financial services (accounts keeping, bookkeeping etc.), healthcare services (claims processing, medical animation, etc.) software development (testing, maintenance, website designing, open source development, etc.).

Apart from this, you can outsource a large variety of other projects like photo editing, legal, data management services. By the large list I gave you, I am sure you cannot deny that Indian outsourcing service providers are ready to take up anything to finish up.

Outsourcing to India and high end technology

Outsourcing to India means getting access to the top of the order technologies. India cannot be imagined anymore to be a lurker in terms of technology. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad have set up high benchmarks for other Indian cities. Ranging from high end machines to gadgets to be tweaked, Indian outsourcing service providers have the technology which is capable of providing an edge to your business.

Outsourcing to India is an easy experience with high end communication

Marching forward with developed countries, even India, which is still counted to be a developing country, has developed high end communication. With uninterrupted internet facilities and telecom services, you can be sure that you will be getting instant updates on your project by your favorite outsourcing service provider in India.

With uninterrupted Internet connections, which are fast enough to transfer data, you can enjoy emailing, which is the very basic of online communication to live video chats with your outsourcing service provider. All you need to do is to find time to keep in touch. Supplemented by quality telecom services, communication can be really easy if you are in plan of outsourcing to India.

The above were 10 benefits of outsourcing to India. You can find more articles on outsourcing to India in our website.


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