Interview questions on Assembly in c#

In this i have selected interview questions on assembly which are generally asked in interviews.

1.What is an assembly?

It are the building blocks of the .NET framework. They are the logical grouping of the functionality in a physical file.

2.What are different types of Assemblies?

Single file and multi file assembly. Assemblies can be static or dynamic. Private assemblies and shared assemblies

3.What are the advantages of an assembly?

It increase the performance.
Better code management and encapsulation.
It also introduces the n-tier concepts and business logic.

4.What is the purpose of an Assembly?

It handles many things in an application.They handles versioning, type and class scope, security permissions, as well as
other metadata including references to other assemblies and resources.
The rules described in an assembly are enforced at runtime.

5.What a static assembly consist of in general?

In general, a static assembly consist of the following four elements:

Assembly Manifest, which contains the assembly metadata.
Type Metadata.
MSIL code that implements the types.
A set of resources.

From above all only the manifest is required, however the other types and resources add the additional functionality to the assembly.

6.How to view an assembly?

We can use the tool "ildasm.exe" known as "Assembly Disassembler" to view the assembly.

7.What are the satellite assemblies?

In a multilingual or multi-cultural application, the localized assemblies, which contain language specific instructions that modify the core application,
are kept separately and they are called satellite assemblies.

8.Which tool is used to deploy an assembly, so as the assembly is available to all the application?

The GacUtil.exe is the tool, which allows us to add any assembly to the windows GAC (Global Assembly Catche).


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