VS2010 New Features

Before you going to start working on vs2010 .This will be help you.

1.Code Snippets:
In old .net version sever side coding only contain snippets. But it provides the snippets for JavaScript and html .

2.Intellisense :
It will show the properties related to the groups.Example if your selected control is textbox,it will display onlu textbox related property only.

3.Dynamic Keyword object:
We can use this object for any data type..


dynamic intvalue=1;
dynamic strvalue="Raj";
dynamic result=intvalue+strvalue;



4.Optional parameter:

Normally we are passing all the argument while function calling here we no need to pass all the argument.


Public void emp(string name,int age,string address="")


calling this function:


Here address is optional...

5.Permanent Redirect:
Normally we are using Response.Redirect for page transfer. While this transformation search engine having old information. So avoid this storing old information we can use Response.RedirectPermanent

6.Named Parameter:
While calling a function you no need to pass the argument orderly

Public void sample(int a,int b,int c)



7.Compressing session values:
Session value may be occupy many space in web config.So they are introduced compression property for session.

8. URL Routing:
This url routing is mainly used for security purpose and that can help with search-engine optimization (SEO).
? For example, the URL for a traditional page that displays product categories might look like below:
? Using the URL routing engine in ASP.NET 4 you can now configure the application to accept the following URL instead to render the same information:
http://www. sample.com/products/software

9. Multi Targeting:
You can develop lower version application also possible which you have to mention in target framework properties in web config. While Developing lower version intellisense only show the keywords which is related to selected framework. So it will avoid the errors while developing application

10.View Call Hierchy:
You can view the entire history of the function using this property. Just Right click the function then click "view call Hierchy" properties you will get hierchy level for this function.


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Its very nice and very helpful to do coding and making readable.

Author: Phagu Mahato16 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

I expalin some more features of VS 2010 . This feature greatly improves Visual Studio support for test-driven development (TDD). it is useful even if you don't use TDD at all. It might increase your productivity by simply reducing the number of keystrokes and eliminating repetitive typing. For example,

class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var test = new ExampleClass(firstParameter: "Exampletest", secondParameter: 0);
Exampletest.FirstProperty = 1;
Exampletest.SampleField = 2;
int value = Exampletest.SomeMethod(100);

Visual Studio 2010 can generate classes, constructors, properties, fields, enum members, and methods code by simply pressing CTRL + “." several times.

class ExampleClass
private string FParameter;
private int SParameter;
public int ExampleField;

public ExampleClass(string firstParameter, int secondParameter)

this.FParameter = FParameter;
this.SParameter = SParameter;

public int FProperty { get; set; }

internal int SomeMethod(int p)
throw new NotImplementedException();

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Hello All,

Better code intelligent
Visual Studio 2010 has better code intellisense support which make it easier for look for methods and functions. You can now easily search for inline keyword, or even use abbreviation to search for properties or methods.

Improved multi-targeting support
Though multi-targeting was there in Visual Studio 2008, but the Visual Studio 2010 has got better support for it. With its new “reference assemblies", it provides 100% accurate intellisense.

Multi-monitor support
Earlier, all editor and child windows are hosted inside a single parent windows, but with the new IDE you can host every single child windows as separate windows outside of the main windows. You can move these to other monitors which makes it to support multiple monitors.

Enhanced code navigation
Visual Studio 2010 has introduces a number of new features to improve the searching and navigational capabilities. The new “Navigate to" features provides you a fast and incremental search of functions, classes, properties etc.

Parallel computing
With Visual Studio 2010, now you can take advantage of multi-core processor by using parallel computing feature. This help you to write code which can execute even faster. Visual Studio also supports parallel debugging for the parallel programming.

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