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1. What is State Management in dotnet.
2. State management in webservices.
3. Ways to secure a web service
4. Project Discussion
5. What are delegates
6. Communication between 2 usercontrols in a same webpage
7. Jquery for Implementing Ajax
8. ICallbackEventHandler Interface
9. Oops Concepts & multithreading.
10.Difference between Interface and Abstract class(Very deeply).
11.Difference between Functions and a Stored Procedures
12. Design patterns
13. Describe Db creation process.
14. View in db, diff between view& materialized view.
15. Ajax & exception handling in dotnet & oracle.
16. how are u handling team.
17. If u feel that 1 guy is struggling in your team, how will u manage.
18. What are the suggstions for performance tunning in oracle.
19. Advantage of using packages in oracle.
20. Clustered & non Clustered Indexes .
21. how to reduce bulkiness in oracle.
22. Events in data grid.
23. what do we use indexes.
24. C# befints.
25. collections in dotnet.
26. Varray in oracle.
27. Diff between sub & corelated subquery.
28. Types of joins.
29. Diff in delete & truncate.
30. Find duplicates in oracle.
31. Use analytical functions.
32. There are 5 tales, how many joins will be there.



Author: banu02 Dec 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Types of joins:


Diff in delete & truncate.

the deletion of each row gets logged in the transaction log, which makes it slow
deletes all the rows in a table, but it won't log the deletion of each row, instead it logs the deallocation of the data pages of the table, which makes it faster

Clustered & non Clustered Indexes

In clustered index table are physically stored. Only one clustered index. The leaf nodes of a clustered index contain the data pages.
A non clustered index logical order of the index does not match the physical stored order of the rows on disk. The leaf node of a non clustered index does not consist of the data pages. Instead, the leaf nodes contain index rows

Author: satish06 Sep 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

By default does not support statemanagement so we have to define it explicitly. maintaining the state(information) of the current user is called statemanagment.
diff statemanagment techniques are
2)query string

diff between subquery and corelated subquery?
in subquery first the the inner query will be executed then the outer query will be executed.
in corelated subquery the inner query refers to the outer query

Delegates contains reference to the methods
if a delegate contains reference to only one method then it is called as singlecast delegate
if a delegate contains reference of more than one method then it is called as multicast delegate.

we can perform statemangament in webservices using cookies.

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