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You can also get good reference by this link

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, "We at GE only have two sources of competitive advantage: 1. the ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition, 2. the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition". Ultimately IT is for the better of the business. Agility leads to business success. .NET can build for you an agile system that's both easy to extract insights and easy to execute your new strategy from decisions made based on those insights.These all sound like marketing. But it's real. Other IT vendors are talking the same things, XML, Web Services, SOA, agility, connectedness. Maybe they use different terms (for the purpose of differentiation), but the idea behind those terms are the same.So you will find out an interesting phenomenon among IT vendors. We support the same set of open standards, i.e., XML and Web Services. We all think enterprise should go SOA. We share the same vision, i.e. agility. So now what's the difference? It's the implementation. XML, Web Services, SOA are just specifications and concepts. They need to be implemented using some kind of platform technology..NET is Microsoft's technology to realize XML, Web Services, SOA and agility.So When I explain .NET to my customers, I often first give them an introduction on the landscape of why they need XML, Web Services and SOA.IT people are used to see Microsoft, as a platform vendor, provides application platforms on which they can build their IT systems. So sometimes I give the following definition of .NET:.NET is Microsoft's next-generation application platform to build connected solutions for an agile business. These solutions are standard-based, connected, flexible to change, secure, reliable and best performing.For a technology standpoint, a .NET application is an application that runs on top of .NET Framework (or more precisely, an application that is built with .NET Framework classes and runs on Common Language Runtime). If an application has nothing to do with .NET Framework, it can't be called as a .NET application. For example, using XML doesn't make it .NET. Using SOAP SDK to consume a Web Services doesn't make it .NET, either.What are Microsoft's .NET technologies? .NET Framework certainly is the core component. Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 is the integrated development environment to build .NET solutions. Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) can be used to extend Word and Excel capability with .NET components. Web Service Extensions (WSE) are a set of .NET classes to build Web Services-based solutions using advanced Web Services standards such as WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-ReliableMessaging, and WS-Attachments. I mentioned a few here. But you got the idea.Is .NET all about Web Services? Certainly not, as some people correctly pointed out. It's Microsoft's next-generation application platform, on which you can build any type of systems. Traditional Windows desktop applications, Web applications, Office applications, mobile applications, smart device applications. All these. On a Dopod Pocket PC (Phone Edition), you can use .NET Compact Framework to build a client application that runs on it. Or you can develop a mobile Web application and put it up on some IIS server and use the Internet Explorer browser on the Dopod to visit that website, where its pages are tailored to fit on the small screen of your device.

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Quickstart book of facts by Joe Luis Latorre Millas is yet one more .NET 4.5 centered book, I received a free book from Packt business enterprise. though I wasn't extremely certain initially whether or not it is smart to scan a lot of books on the topic, I'm glad I did it.The reader is driven through the chapters on the total understanding of the new options. web framework 4.5 of Microsoft.The first chapter presents the new design of the Windows App in an exceedingly} very easy approach, the reader square measure target-hunting step by step within the realization of an easy app.The author brings go in a awfully skilled approach all the new options of the language and also the CLR.
Each chapter introduces a brand new feature of language permitting the reader to totally perceive the new practicality exhibited by the framework.
At the tip of the book there square measure 2 appendices that enable you to understand and have a plan of the issues related to the utilization of the new framework and a collection of helpful resources to deepen their information of the framework 4.5

Taking the complexness and scope of .NET 4.5 into thought, i used to be quite stunned by however skinny the book truly was. Even a lot of therefore, once I've taken a better look into the table of contents: the book covers a awfully broad spectrum of topics. The author extremely managed to convey plenty of knowledge during a brief and helpful approach.

It has to be aforementioned, though, that not all of the topics square measure lined equally well: some extremely do shine, whereas others might still be improved. i used to be terribly pleasantly stunned by the short introduction to Windows Store apps. I don't suppose I've stumble upon a much better one in such a brief type. I conjointly likeable much the core CLR, WPF and net API chapters. All of them square measure well price reading. the sole chapter i actually can't offer any praise, is that the last one on WF. It's extremely tough to follow while not sensible previous information, however once you've got that information it doesn't give you abundant. The WF topics to dive deeper into, might positively be designated higher.

In spite of that I will still advocate the book to anyone already having solid information of .NET 4 and desperate to learn a lot of concerning the new stuff in .NET 4.5. I'm pretty certain that even nearly a year once the discharge .NET framework 4.5, most of the readers can still learn a minimum of one thing new. i do know that I haven't glorious few} couple of things before, though I've been victimisation it frequently since the discharge. On the opposite hand, don't opt for this book to start out learning concerning .NET; you won't get abundant out of it.

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