How best to use google search engine

How best to use google search engine

You can type following examples to search information in websites using queries

1) "p prashant" ----------- This means exact word in exact order ie no change in the order of the query

2) Queries:-

Site: computer
Computer Site:
Site : computer

Computer site:
Site: computer
Computer site:

[ or is a website name]

Site: ------------- keyword -------------- website name

computer ------------- data

3) Query: site: .com computer parts

Query; computer parts site: .com

site: ------------- keyword
.com ----------- domain name
Computer parts -------------- data

some domains list :-

i) .gov
ii) .com
iii) .in

For list of domains list , visit following hyper link:-

4) i) site : -computer parts

minus sign indicates that the word should not appear in search term.
In above query other than computer parts will be searched in that

ii) -computer parts
Other than computer parts will be searched.

5) i) * symbol indicates unknown term

Query:- google *
For finding google products

Query:- obama voted * on the * bill
For finding different votes on different bills

Query:- humorous * story
For finding all humorous stories

6) Query:- filetype:pdf google *
For finding google products information in pdf format

7) + indicates to synonyms to the word be disabled, when it is placed before the word. By default words in query will automatically include synonyms.

Query:- child care +help
Query:- child care +guidance filetype:pdf

8) OR --- either the word is applied to search.

Query:- elections in india OR America

9) google search engine can be used as calculator also

Query:- 3*3*3

10) punctuation having popular terms are not ignored

Query:- C++
Query:- C#

11) currency symbol including will search for prices
Query:- compaq laptop $1000
Query:- £100 in rupees

12) Query:- places-to-visit
- hypen symbol indicates words should be connected strongly

13) Query:- bubble_sort

_ underscore symbol connects two words.

14) Query:- 10$ in pound
For currency converter

15) Filetypes that are allowed to search through google

i) filetype:pdf (Adobe acrobat pdf)
ii) filetype:ps (Adbobe postscript)
iii) filetype:dwf (Auto desk DWF)
iv) filetype:kml (google earth KML)
v) filetype:kmz (google earth KMZ)
vi) filetype:xls (Microsoft Excel XLS)
vii) filetype:ppt (Microsoft power point PPT)
viii) filetype:doc (Microsoft word DOC)
ix) filetype:rtf (Rich text format RTF)
x) filetype:swf (Shock wave flash SWF)

16) Query:- site: computer *
It will search in website for computer related ones.

17) Query:- time in Hyderabad
For finding time in Hyderabad.

18) Query:- laptop $100..$200
Here we are using range and $ indicates currency. For finding
Laptop range from 100 to 200 dollars

19) Query: define: multimedia
For finding definitions of multimedia

20) In query enter ticker symbols , which will give complete
Information for that ticker symbols.
Displays all websites regarding Microsoft

21) Query :- indian president 1990..2010
In query numeric range is used. It will displays websites which is having presidents in 1990 to 2010

22) Query :- 234
Finds area code or country code etc.

23) ~ (tilde) indicates synonyms
Query:- internet marketing ~professional

It looks synonyms of professional

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