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Question:-What is different between WebUserControl and in WebCustomControl ?
Answer: Web user controls :- Web User Control is Easier to create and another thing is that its support is limited for users who use a visual design tool one gud thing is that its contains static layout one more thing a seprate copy is required for each application.
Web custom controls:-Web Custom Control is typical to create and gud for dynamic layout and another thing is it have full tool support for user and a single copy of control is required because it is placed in Global Assembly cache.

Question:-What is Sandbox in SQL server and explain permission level in Sql Server ?
Answer: Sandbox is place where we run trused program or script which is created from the third party. There are three type of Sandbox where user code run.
Safe Access Sandbox:-Here we can only create stored procedure,triggers,functions,datatypes etc.But we doesnot have acess memory ,disk etc.
External Access Sandbox:-We cn access File systems outside the box. We can not play with threading,memory allocation etc.
Unsafe Access Sandbox:-Here we can write unreliable and unsafe code.
Question:-How many types of cookies are there in .NET ?
Answer: Two type of cookeies.
a) single valued eg request.cookies("UserName").value="dotnetquestion"
b)Multivalued cookies. These are used in the way collections are used example

Question: When we get Error 'HTTP 502 Proxy Error' ?
Answer: We get this error when we execute ASP.NET Web pages in Visual Web Developer Web server, because the URL randomly select port number and proxy servers did not recognize the URL and return this error. To resolve this problem we have to change settings in Internet Explorer to bypass the proxy server for local addresses, so that the request is not sent to the proxy.

Question:-What do you mean by three-tier architecture?
Answer: The three-tier architecture was comes into existence to improve management of code and contents and to improve the performance of the web based applications.There are mainly three layers in three-tier architecture.the are define as follows
(2)Business Logic
(1)First layer Presentation contains mainly the interface code, and this is shown to user. This code could contain any technology that can be used on the client side like HTML, JavaScript or VBScript etc.
(2)Second layer is Business Logic which contains all the code of the server-side .This layer have code to interact with database database and to query, manipulate, pass data to user interface and handle any input from the UI as well.
(3)Third layer Data represents the data store like MS Access, SQL Server, an XML file, an Excel file or even a text file containing data also some addtional database are also added to that layers.

Question: What is Finalizer in .NET define Dispose and Finalize ?
Answer: We can say that Finalizer are the methods that's helps in cleanp the code that is executed before object is garbage collected .The process is called finalization . There are two methods of finalizer Dispose and Finalize .There is little diffrenet between two of this method .
When we call Dispose method is realse all the resources hold by an object as well as all the resorces hold by the parent object.When we call Dispose method it clean managed as well as unmanaged resources.
Finalize methd also cleans resources but finalize call dispose clears only the unmanged resources because in finalization the garbase collecter clears all the object hold by managed code so finalization fails to prevent thos one of methd is used that is: GC.SuppressFinalize.

Question: Define SMTPclient class in DotNet framework class libarary ?
Answer: Each classes in dotnet framework inclue some properties,method and events.These properties ,methods and events are member of a class.SMTPclient class mainly concern with sending mail.This class contain the folling member.
Host:-The name or IP address of email server.
Port:-Port that is use when sending mail.
Send:-Enables us to send email synchronously.
SendAsynchronous:-Enables us to send an email asynchronously.
SendCompleted:-This event raised when an asynchronous send opertion completes.

Question: What is late binding ?
Answer: When code interacts with an object dynamically at runtime .because our code literally doesnot care what type of object it is interacting and with the methods thats are supported by object and with the methods thats are supported by object .The type of object is not known by the IDE or compiler ,no Intellisense nor compile-time syntax checking is possible but we get unprecedented flexibilty in exchange.if we enable strict type checking by using option strict on at the top of our code modules ,then IDE and compiler will enforce early binding behaviour .By default Late binding is done.
Question:-Does .NET CLR and SQL SERVER run in different process ?
Answer: Dot Net CLR and all .net relates application and Sql Server run in same process or we can say that that on the same address because there is no issue of speed because if these two process are run in different process then there may be a speed issue created one process goes fast and other slow may create the problem.

Question:-What is Com Marshler and its importance in .NET ?
Answer: Com Marshler is one of useful component of CLR. Its Task is to marshal data between Managed and Unmanaged environment .It helps in representation of data accross diffrenet execution environment.It performs the conversion of data format between manage and unmanaged code.By the helps of Com Marshlar CLR allows manage code to interoperate with unmanaged code.

Question: What is CSU and its description ?
Answer: CSU stands for comma separate values also called comma delimited.It is plain text file which stores spreadsheets or basic datatype in very simple format.One record in each line and each field separted with comma's it is often used to transfer large ammount spreadsheet data or database information between program.

Question: The IHttpHandler and IHttpHandlerFactory interfaces ?
Answer: The IHttpHandler interface is implemented by all the handlers. The interface consists of one property called IsReusable. The IsReusable property gets a value indicating whether another request can use the IHttpHandler instance. The method ProcessRequest() allows you to process the current request. This is the core place where all your code goes. This method receives a parameter of type HttpContext using which you can access the intrinsic objects such as Request and Response. The IHttpHandlerFactory interface consists of two methods - GetHandler and ReleaseHandler. The GetHandler() method instantiates the required HTTP handler based on some condition and returns it back to ASP.NET. The ReleaseHandler() method allows the factory to reuse an existing handler.

Question: what is Viewstate?
Answer:View state is used by the ASP.NET page framework to automatically save the values of the page and of each control just prior to rendering to the page. When the page is posted, one of the first tasks performed by page processing is to restore view state.
State management is the process by which you maintain state and page information over multiple requests for the same or different pages.
Client-side options are:
* The ViewState property * Query strings
* Hidden fields * Cookies

Server-side options are:
* Application state * Session state * DataBase
Use the View State property to save data in a hidden field on a page. Because ViewState stores data on the page, it is limited to items that can be serialized. If you want to store more complex items in View State, you must convert the items to and from a string.
ASP.NET provides the following ways to retain variables between requests:
Context.Handler object Use this object to retrieve public members of one Web form's class from a subsequently displayed Web form.
Query strings Use these strings to pass information between requests and responses as part of the Web address. Query strings are visible to the user, so they should not contain secure information such as passwords.
Cookies Use cookies to store small amounts of information on a client. Clients might refuse cookies, so your code has to anticipate that possibility.
View state ASP.NET stores items added to a page's ViewState property as hidden fields on the page.
Session state Use Session state variables to store items that you want keep local to the current session (single user).
Application state Use Application state variables to store items that you want be available to all users of the application.

Answer: While excuting the page, it will go under the fallowing steps(or fires the events) which collectivly known as Page Life cycle.
Page_Init -- Page Initialization
LoadViewState -- View State Loading
LoadPostData -- Postback data processing
Page_Load -- Page Loading
RaisePostDataChangedEvent -- PostBack Change Notification
RaisePostBackEvent -- PostBack Event Handling
Page_PreRender -- Page Pre Rendering Phase
SaveViewState -- View State Saving
Page_Render -- Page Rendering
Page_UnLoad -- Page Unloading

Question: What is Satellite Assemblies ?
Answer: Satellite assemblies are often used to deploy language-specific resources for an application. These language-specific assemblies work in side-by-side execution because the application has a separate product ID for each language and installs satellite assemblies in a language-specific subdirectory for each language. When uninstalling, the application removes only the satellite assemblies associated with a given language and .NET Framework version. No core .NET Framework files are removed unless the last language for that .NET Framework version is being removed. For example, English and Japanese editions of the .NET Framework version 1.1 share the same core files. The Japanese .NET Framework version 1.1 adds satellite assemblies with localized resources in a \ja subdirectory. An application that supports the .NET Framework version 1.1, regardless of its language, always uses the same core runtime files.


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