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Interview Questions for

Question:-What do you mean by Share Point Portal ?
Answer: Here I have taken information regarding Share Point Portal Server 2003 provides mainly access to the crucial business information and applications.With the help of Share Point Server we can server information between Public Folders, Data Bases, File Servers and the websites that are based on Windows server 2003. This Share Point Portal is integrated with MSAccess and Windows servers,So we can get a Wide range of document management functionality. We can also create a full featured portal with readymade navigation and structure.

Question:-What is cross page posting in ASP.NET2.0 ?
Answer: When we have to post data from one page to another in application we used server.transfer method but in this the URL remains the same but in cross page posting there is little different there is normal post back is done but in target page we can access values of server control in the source page.This is quite simple we have to only set the PostBackUrl property of Button,LinkButton or imagebutton which specifies the target page.In target page we can access the PreviousPage property.And we have to use the @PreviousPageType directive.We can access control of PreviousPage by using the findcontrol method.When we set the PostBackURL property ASP.NET framework bind the HTML and Javascript function automatically.

Question:-How to call method that handles the Click event for several buttons ?
Answer: Protected Sub AnyClicked(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click, Button2.Click, Button3.Click
Dim b As Button = CType(sender, Button)
Response.Write("You clicked the button labeled " & b.ID)
End Sub

Question: What do you mean by CodeDom ?
Answer: In a simple language CodeDom is an object model which display or represent source code.CodeDom is specially designed for language independent. And the method is quite simple when we create CodeDom for a program we can generate the source code in any .NET language.

Question: Difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions ?
Answer: In ASP.NET all exception derives from Exception which is Base class. Exceptions can be generated programmatically or can be generated by system. Application Exception serves as the base class for all applicationspecific exception classes. It derives from Exception but does not provide any extended functionality. You should derive your custom application exceptions from Application Exception. Application exception is used when we want to define user defined exception, while system exception is all which is defined by .NET
Question: What is the difference between Shadowing and overriding ?
Answer: Overriding redefines only the implementation while shadowing redefines the whole element.On the other side In overriding derived classes can refer the parent class element by using "ME" keyword, but in shadowing you can access it by "MYBASE".

Question: What is the use of App_Code folder in ?
Answer: :- Its name helps us to understand what is this in another way we can say that its automatically accessible in the application. App_Code Folder store classes, typed data set, text files, Reports etc. If we don't have this folder in web application we can add this folder. One of more significant feature of this is a single dll is created of this folder. If we have two different language classes in this folder then we have to create two folder one for one language.

Question: What is diffrence between Debug and Trace class ?
Answer: Debug Class helps to set methods and properties that helps in debugging code. If we use methods in Debug class for print debugging information and checking our logic with cases, we can make our code more robust without impacting the performance and code size. On the other side we use the properties and methods in the Trace class to release builds and instrumentation allows us to monitor the condition of our application running in real-life settings. Tracing helps us to know problems and fix them without interact a running system. Trace is enabled by default in visual 2005. So code is generated for all trace methods in both release and debug builds.

Question: What do you mean by Web Part Control in ?
Answer: ASP.NET Web Parts controls are the integrated controls which helps in creation of Web sites that also help users to modify the content as well as appearance, and behavior of pages of web sites that are open in browser.

Question: What changes are done in IIS 6.0 over IIS 5.0 ?
Answer: IIS makes easy to get information.IIS 6.0 is the next latest of web server available in Windows Server 2003 platform. IIS 6.0 contains several enhancements over IIS 5.0 that are mainly to increase reliability, manageability, scalability, and security. IIS 6.0 is a key component of the Windows Server 2003 application platform, using which you can develop and deploy high performance ASP.NET Web applications, and XML Web Services.

Question: Com Marshler function in .NET ?
Answer: Com Marshler is useful component of CLR.Main work of marshal data between Managed and Unmanaged environment .It helps in representation of data across diffrenet execution enviroment.Its also convert data format between manage and unmanaged code.By the helps of Com Marshlar CLR allows manage code to interoperate with unmanaged code.

Question: How Visual SourceSafe helps Us ?
Answer: One of the powerful tool provided by Microsoft to keep up-to-date of files system its keeps records of file history once we add files to source safe it can be add to database and the changes ade by different user to this files are maintained in database from that we can get the older version of files to.This also helps in sharing,merging of files.

Question: What is main difference between GridLayout and FormLayout ?
Answer: GridLayout helps in providing absolute positioning of every control placed on the page.It is easier to devlop page with absolute positioning because control can be placed any where according to our requirement.But FormLayout is little different only experience Web Devloper used this one reason is it is helpful for wider range browser.If there is absolute positioning we can notice that there are number of DIV tags.But in FormLayout whole work are done through the tables.

Question: What is the purpose of IIS ?
Answer: We can call IIS(Internet Information Services) a powerful Web server that helps us creating highly reliable, scalable and manageable infrastructure for Web application which runs on Windows Server 2003. IIS helps development center and increase Web site and application availability while lowering system administration costs. It also runs on Windows NT/2000 platforms and also for above versions. With IIS, Microsoft includes a set of programs for building and administering Web sites, a search engine, and support for writing Web-based applications that access database. IIS also called http server since it process the http request and gets http response.

Question: How to start Outlook,NotePad file in AsP.NET with code ?
Answer: Here is the syntax to open outlook or notepad file in ASP.NET VB.NET Process.Start("Notepad.exe") Process.Start("msimn.exe"); C#.NET System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("msimn.exe"); System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("Notepad.exe");

Question: What you thing about the WebPortal ?
Answer: Web portal is nothing but a page that allows a user to customize his/her homepage. We can use Widgets to create that portal we have only to drag and drop widgets on the page. The user can set his Widgets on any where on the page where he has to get them. Widgets are nothing but a page area that helps particular function to response. Widgets example are address books, contact lists, RSS feeds, clocks, calendars, play lists, stock tickers, weather reports, traffic reports, dictionaries, games and another such beautiful things that we can not imagine. We can also say Web Parts in Share Point Portal. These are one of Ajax-Powered.

Question:-Can you define what is SharePoint and some overview about this ?
Answer: SharePoint helps workers for creating powerful personalized interfaces only by dragging and drop pre-defined Web Part Components. And these Web Parts components also helps non programmers to get information which care and customize the appearance of Web pages. To under stand it we take an example one Web Part might display a user's information another might create a graph showing current employee status and a third might show a list of Employees Salary. This is also possible that each functions has a link to a video or audio presentation.So now Developers are unable to create these Web Part components and make them available to SharePoint users.


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