Stored procedure with MySQL

//MySQL Database supports stored procedure
//starting from the version 5.0
//stored procedure is one of the new features
//in MySQL

//Create a class library for MySQL database operation
//database operation

//for connecting to MySQL with dotnet
//you need to download the MySQL driver for dotnet
//from MySQL website,add MySQL.Net.dll to project

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using MySql.Data.MySqlClient; //namespace for conecting to MySQL
namespace CustomerDAL_MySQL
public class DataAccessSP
//function which is used to store the customer name in a table
//parameters connectionstring,refid,name
public long SaveCustomer(string sConnString, string id,string name)
using (MySqlConnection oConn = new MySqlConnection(sConnString))
MySqlCommand oCommand = oConn.CreateCommand();
oCommand.CommandText = "cust_SaveCustomer";
oCommand.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure;
oCommand.Connection = oConn;
MySqlParameter custid = oCommand.Parameters.Add("in_id", MySqlDbType.Int32);
custid.Value = Convert.ToInt64(id);

MySqlParameter custname = oCommand.Parameters.Add("in_custname", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 255);
custname.Value = name;

long res = oCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();
return res;
catch (MySqlException mx)
throw mx;

//Create a web application,place a textbox and a button
//In the button click write the following code

protected void btnsave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string conString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["mainConn"].ConnectionString;
DataAccessSP sp = new DataAccessSP();
sp.SaveCustomer(conString, "-1", txcustname.Text.Trim());


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