About Table and Images

Page layout is an important aspect of Web design. The term page layout refers to the way your page will look in the browser.

About Tables

Tables are extremely powerful for laying out data and images on an HTML page.
Use tables to layout tabular data, to design columns on a page, or to layout text and graphics on a web page. Once you create a table you came easily modifies both the appearance and the structure of the table. You can add content; add, delete, split, and merge rows and columns. Modify table, row, or cell properties to add color, alignment, copy and paste cells.

Table consists of three basic components:

Rows (horizontal spacing)
Columns (Vertical spacing)
Cells ( the container created when a row and column intersect)

<table width="600" border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" bordercolor="#FF0000" background="#" bgcolor="#996633">
<td> </td>
<td> </td>

This is structure of the table

Table Properties

WIDTH : defines the width of the table. we will give width pixels or percentage also
BORDER : how much the border of the table in pixel.
BORDERCOLOR : this is defines which color of the border. here we should use color code or color names also
CELLPADING : distance between cell and content
CELLSPACING : space between cell and cell
BGCOLOR : BGCOLOR sets the color of the background of the table. The color value colud be set in hexademical values. (for example " #FFFFFF " is the hexademical value for white)
BACKGROUND : BACKGROUND specifies an image to display in the background of the table. The URL value can be. ( for example "images/image.exxt")
the background image and background color of the table

TD and TR Properties

ALIGN : Specifies the alignment of the cell
VALIGN : Specifies the alignment of the Vertical alignment of the cell

We applied some of the properties TABLE, TR and TD like WIDTH, HEIGHT, BGCOLOR, and Background image

<img src="image.ext" width="100" height="100" align="left" />

Image Properites:

IMG : This img tag specifies an image to be displayed in an page or table
SRC : src attibute specifies the URL of the image to be displayed in the page
HEIGHT/WIDTH : The "height" and "width" attibutes indicate the dimenssions of the image.
HSPACE : hspace attibute spacifies a margin in pixels between the left and right edges of the image and sourrounding text and images
ALIGN : specifies the alignment of the image in relation sourrounding text
ALT : the caption the image


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