Useful Shortcuts in MS WORD...

A) Adding Horizontal Dividers in Word

To add a variety of horizontal dividers in Word, type three characters and press enter.
Hyphens ( --- )
Underscores ( ___ )
Equal Signs ( === )
Hash Signs ( ### )
Asterisks ( *** )
Tildes ( ~~~ )

B) Type Out a Table in Word

You can create tables in Microsoft Word by simply typing out a string of PLUS SIGNS (+) and MINUS SIGNS (-).

1.Start the row with a PLUS SIGN (+) and then type MINUS SIGN (-) until you have the column width you want.
2.To add a new column type PLUS SIGN (+) again.
3.When you're done type a final PLUS SIGN (+) and press ENTER.
4.Word turns your text into a table.
5.To add more rows to your table, move to the last cell in the table and press TAB.

C) Quickly Change Font Size in Office

To quickly change the font size in your Office application (Word, Front Page, Publisher or PowerPoint):
1.Highlight the text you want to change
CTRL+SHIFT+> - To Increase the size
CTRL+SHIFT+< - To Decrease the size

D)Close all word documents without closing Word

Shift + click the File menu then select Close All
Shift + clicking on the File menu give one more option Save All

E) Reducing the File Size of Word Documents:
If you have make documents using MS Word and you make many formatting changes for the paragraph, fonts, page etc., you will see your file size gets bigger. Microsoft Word saves files by blocking, so any change you made for your document it will create a new block with the new formatting and disappear the old block without deleting it from the file.

You can solve this problem.
1.If you open your file and select File \ Save As and give your file a new name, it will save only the active blocks with out the old ones.
2.If you compare the two files you will see a difference in size
There is, however, a much easier way.
1.Choose Tools
3.Open the Save tab
4.Uncheck Allow Fast Saves
This makes Word rewrite the entire document file from scratch each time it is saved. The save command takes slightly longer, but your files can be drastically smaller (especially if you've done lots of formatting changes).


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