Firefox 3 Shortcuts

Firefox 3 Tips and tricks (keyboard shortcuts) to improve performance.

Zoom In : Ctrl + "+"

Zoom Out : Ctrl + "-"

Open a new empty tab : Ctrl + T

Close a tab : Ctrl + W

Reopen a Closed tab : Ctrl + Shift + T

Move cursor to the location bar : Ctrl + L

Move cursor to the search box : Ctrl + K

Scroll down the page : "Space Bar"

Scroll up the page : Shift + "Space Bar"

Refresh the page : Ctrl + R

Back : Alt + "<-"

Forward : Alt + "->"


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Alt + Home Open your home page.
Alt + Left Arrow Back a page.
Alt + Right Arrow Forward a page.
F5 Refresh current page, frame, or tab.
F11 Display the current website in full screen mode. Pressing F11 again will exit this mode.
Esc Stop page or download from loading.
Ctrl + (- or +) Increase or decrease the font size, pressing '-' will decrease and '+' will increase. Ctrl + 0 will reset back to default.
Ctrl + Enter Quickly complete an address. For example, type computer hope in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get
Ctrl + Shift + Del Open the Clear Data window to quickly clear private data.
Ctrl + D Add a bookmark for the page currently opened.
Ctrl + I Display available bookmarks.
Ctrl + J Display the download window.
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E Move the cursor to the search box.
Ctrl + N Open New browser window.
Ctrl + P Print current page or frame.
Ctrl + T Opens a new tab.
Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W Closes the currently selected tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo the close of a window.
Ctrl + Tab Moves through each of the open tabs.
Spacebar Moves down a page at a time.
Shift + Spacebar Moves up a page at a time.
Alt + Down arrow Display all previous text entered in a text box and available options on drop down menu.

Author: ketan Italiya26 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

CTRL+D: Add a bookmark.

BACKSPACE: Move back.

CTRL+B: Open Bookmarks in browser sidebar.

CTRL+I: Open Bookmarks in browser sidebar.

F7: Toggles Caret Browsing on/off.

CTRL+W: Close current tab.

CTRL+F4: Close current tab.

ALT+F4: Close current window.

CTRL+C: Copy.


CTRL+MINUS: Decrease text size within web page.

SHIFT+DEL: Delete an individual form.

CTRL+J: Launch Download Manager.

CTRL+G: Find again.

SHIFT+F3: Find previous.

F11: Put the current browser window in full screen mode.

F1: Launch Firefox Help.

CTRL+H: Display your browsing history.

ALT+HOME: Load your home page.

CTRL+PLUS: Increase text size within web page.

F6: Move to next frame.

SHIFT+F6: Move to previous frame.

CTRL+T: Create a new tab.

CTRL+TAB: Make the next tab active.

CTRL+N: Open a new browser window.

CTRL+O: Launch the Open File dialog.

CTRL+ENTER: Open a link in a new tab.

CTRL+U: Display the source of the current page.

CTRL+V: Paste.

CTRL+PAGE UP: Make the previous tab active.

CTRL+P: Print.

F5: Refresh the current page.

CTRL+F5: Refresh the current page, overriding your cache.

CTRL+S: Open Save Page As... dialog.

ALT+ENTER: Open Save Link Target As... dialog.

CTRL+A: Select all.

CTRL+L: Select location bar.

CTRL+DOWN ARROW: Select next respective search engine in search bar.

CTRL+UP ARROW: Select previous respective search engine in search bar.

CTRL+Z: Undo.

Author: Arun Kambhammettu27 Aug 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6


Back Alt + ?
Forward Alt + ?
Shift + Backspace
Home Alt + Home
Open File Ctrl + O
Reload F5
Ctrl + R
Reload (override cache) Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Shift + R
Stop Esc

Current Page:
Go to Bottom of Page End
Go to Top of Page Home
Move to Next Frame F6
Move to Previous Frame Shift + F6
Print Ctrl + P
Save Page As Ctrl + S
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + -
Zoom Reset Ctrl + 0

Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Del
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste (as plain text) Ctrl + Shift + V
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z

Find Ctrl + F
Find Again F3
Ctrl + G
Find Previous Shift + F3
Ctrl + Shift + G
Quick Find within link-text only '
Quick Find /
Close the Find or Quick Find bar Esc - when the Find or Quick Find bar is focused
Search bar Ctrl + K
Ctrl + E
Select or Manage Search Engines Alt + ?
Alt + ?
F4 - when Search Bar is focused

Windows & Tabs:
Close Tab Ctrl + W
Ctrl + F4 - except for App Tabs
Close Window Ctrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Move Tab in focus Left Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
Move Tab in focus Right Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
Move Tab in focus to start Ctrl + Home
Move Tab in focus to end Ctrl + End
New Tab Ctrl + T
New Window Ctrl + N
New Private Window Ctrl + Shift + P
Next Tab Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + Page Down
Open Address in New Tab Alt + Enter - from Location Bar or Search Bar
Previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + Page Up
Undo Close Tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Undo Close Window Ctrl + Shift + N
Select Tab 1 to 8 Ctrl + 1to8
Select Last Tab Ctrl + 9
Tab Groups View Ctrl + Shift + E
Close Tab Groups View Esc
Next Tab Group Ctrl + ` - only for some keyboard layouts
Previous Tab Group Ctrl + Shift + ` - only for some keyboard layouts


Command Shortcut
History sidebar Ctrl + H
Library window (History) Ctrl + Shift + H

Command Shortcut
Bookmark All Tabs Ctrl + Shift + D
Bookmark This Page Ctrl + D
Bookmarks sidebar Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Library window (Bookmarks) Ctrl + Shift + B

Command Shortcut
Downloads Ctrl + J
Add-ons Ctrl + Shift + A
Web Console Ctrl + Shift + K
Inspector Ctrl + Shift + I
Debugger Ctrl + Shift + S
Style Editor Shift + F7
Profiler Shift + F5
Network Ctrl + Shift + Q
Developer Toolbar Shift + F2
Responsive Design View Ctrl + Shift + M
Scratchpad Shift + F4
Page Source Ctrl + U
Error Console Ctrl + Shift + J
Clear Recent History Ctrl + Shift + Del
PDF Viewer

Command Shortcut
Next page n or k or ?
Previous page p or j or ?
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + -
Automatic Zoom Ctrl + 0
Rotate the document clockwise r
Rotate counterclockwise Shift + r


Command Shortcut
Complete .com Address Ctrl + Enter
Complete .net Address Shift + Enter
Complete .org Address Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry Del
Toggle Full Screen F11
Toggle Menu Bar (when hidden) Alt
Show/Hide Add-on Bar Ctrl + /
Caret Browsing F7
Select Location Bar F6
Alt + D
Ctrl + L
Stop GIF Animation Esc - after the page has been completely loaded
Media shortcuts

See also Viewing HTML5 audio and video in Firefox.
Command Shortcut
Toggle Play / Pause Space bar
Decrease volume ?
Increase volume ?
Mute audio Ctrl + ?
Unmute audio Ctrl + ?
Seek back 15 seconds ?
Seek back 10 % Ctrl + ?
Seek forward 15 seconds ?
Seek forward 10 % Ctrl + ?
Seek to the beginning Home
Seek to the end End

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