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Which of the following join returns the rows when there is atleast one match of row between the tables?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which one is new builtin function in Sql server 2012?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which one of these are new built in function in Sql server 2012?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is a message queuing technology in SQL Server that allows developers to integrate SQL Server fully into distributed applications?SQL ServerSQL Server
What generates all notifications when the data of a database changes, on which your cache item depends?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is the core service for storing, processing, and securing data in SQL server which provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing?SQL ServerSQL Server
Read Following Statements: A)Primary Key can contain NULL values. B)Foreign Key can contain NULL values. Which of the above statement(s) are true?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which syntax is correct to create view?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which lock in SQL server allows transactions to read data with SELECT statements?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which type of SQL Server recovery model are all database changes logged except those that cause large log entriesSQL ServerSQL Server
Is it possible to create two identity column in a single table?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is the Default Collation in SQL Server?SQL ServerSQL Server
Maximum number of parameter use in Store procedureSQL ServerSQL Server
Whats the purpose of Linked Server in microsoft sql server?SQL ServerSQL Server
DBCC stands forSQL ServerSQL Server
Sql Server 2000(Code name:Sphinx) Sql Server 2005(code name:Yukon) Sql Server 2008(code name:Katmai) Sql Server 2011(code name:Denali) The Above Combination code name is Correct..?SQL ServerSQL Server
In Which Technology used in Sql Server 2011(Denali)..?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is Code Name of Sql Server 2011..?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is the Code Name of Sql Server 2005..?SQL ServerSQL Server
How many types of SQL Replication are there? SQL ServerSQL Server
What is SQL Replication? SQL ServerSQL Server
Which of the Following function is not used for Ranking in SQL serverSQL ServerSQL Server
Write the sql query for entering a comma-separated string into a table. SQL ServerSQL Server
Which command helps to import a data file into a database table or view in a user-specified format.SQL ServerSQL Server
CTE abbreviation ?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which will allows system administrators to monitor events in an instance of Microsoft SQL ServerSQL ServerSQL Server
Does Web services support followingSQL ServerSQL Server
One main Difference between SQL and MYQL?SQL ServerSQL Server
<> and != both are same operator into SQLSQL ServerSQL Server
Which is the correct syntax for Update Statement in Sql Server 2005?SQL ServerSQL Server
Before transaction commits the following is updatedSQL ServerSQL Server
What is the system function to get the current user's user id?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is the difference between a trigger and a Check option?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which functions ignore NULL values by default?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is the significance of NVL() function in SQL?SQL ServerSQL Server
What are the various pages in SQL Server?SQL ServerSQL Server
The following SELECT statement executes successfully: SELECT last_name, job_id, salary AS Sal FROM employees;SQL ServerSQL Server
How many types of user defined functions are there in SQL Server?SQL ServerSQL Server
EXISTS keyword returns which type of data?SQL ServerSQL Server
IN keyword is used for?SQL ServerSQL Server
How we can customize the display of resultset?SQL ServerSQL Server
How we achieve the outer join?SQL ServerSQL Server
Pick out the odd one from following functions avg min max lowerSQL ServerSQL Server
Is SQL is case-sensitive?SQL ServerSQL Server
Truncate is which type of command?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is DBMS?SQL ServerSQL Server
If table A have 7 rows and table B have 8 rows then how many rows obtained after cross join these two tables?SQL ServerSQL Server
If there are 10 tables then how many join conditions are required?SQL ServerSQL Server
If table A contains id values as 1 2 3 NULL NULL then what is the avg(id)SQL ServerSQL Server
What are the Authentication types in SQL server?SQL ServerSQL Server

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