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You are designing a solution that processes a message and then performs two Microsoft SQL Server? updates. You want to ensure that none of these transactions will be performed unless all three will be performed. What should you do? OtherOther
You are designing an application that will perform ordered message delivery, ensuring first-in-first-out (FIFO) processing of all messages. Which adapter should you use? OtherOther
You are planning a Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 orchestration. You want to send a message from within an orchestration back to the MessageBox database for delivery to multiple destination systems. You are planning to create and configure a send port for each destination system, in such a way that the filter on each send port determines which system subscribes to which messages. You want the solution to remain loosely coupled. You need to configure your orchestration send port. What should you do? OtherOther
You want to receive all messages that have the same purchase order number, and to combine all such messages in the order in which they are received into a single message. Which Microsoft BizTalk design pattern should you use?OtherOther
You are creating a Microsoft BizTalk orchestration for a manufacturing company. You plan to have two Receive shapes in a Parallel shape that must receive one approval message each from two different managers before they continue the execution of the process. The first Receive shape (Recv1) is for the first manager, and the second Receive shape (Recv2) is for the second manager. It does not matter who approves the message first. You want to use correlation to correlate the approval messages. You create correlation type Type1 and a correlation set named Set1. You need to make this correlation work. What should you do? OtherOther
What is an XML format mainly used for finding the current and original versions of XML document?OtherOther
What is an interface processing XML documents in which events are used ?OtherOther
Which of the following is a part of XSL?OtherOther
Is there any way to describe XML data?OtherOther
What is used to convert from XML document into an XML DOM object which can be written in Javascript?OtherOther
A report generator is used to OtherOther
Which of the following statements should be used to obtain a remainder after dividing 3.14 by 2.1 ? OtherOther
What is ABC in WCF?OtherOther
Which contains XML that is used to declaratively specify the user interface for Silverlight or WPF applications?OtherOther
Which folder is used to place the .xap file of a Silverlight application?OtherOther
What is a set of tools, documentation, samples, and templates for web developers to enable them to easily develop Silverlight enabled applications?OtherOther
Which of the following supports only http protocol?OtherOther
What are the types of contract available in WCF?OtherOther
What are the types of binding available in WCF?OtherOther
Which of the following is a valid address format in WCF?OtherOther
In WCF, the interface which defines how a client will communicate with the service is called as?OtherOther
Which is the infrastructure used for the Microsoft .NET Platform?OtherOther
Which of the following is a type of XAML in WPF?OtherOther
What are the documents supported in WPF?OtherOther
In WPF which type of properties belong to one class but can be used in another?OtherOther
What is a declarative XML-based language from which you can define object and properties in XML?OtherOther
Which namespaces are used to hold the classes for DLR?OtherOther
Which property of the ServiceBase class can be used to specify whether a service can be paused and resumed?OtherOther
HttpHandler send the result to which partOtherOther
Which of the following is a flexible command line utility used to automate tests for IIS logging?OtherOther
IIS 6.0 and higher support which type of authentication mechanisms?OtherOther
What is an interface oriented Application Programming Interface which allows for navigation of the entire document?OtherOther
What is CDATA section in XML?OtherOther
Main component of wcfOtherOther
The computer language BASIC created inOtherOther
Which of the following will allow you to select HTML elements by element name , attribute name or by content?OtherOther
Which of the following simplifies the interaction between HTML and javascript?OtherOther
Which of the following is a feature of Sliverlight 4.0?OtherOther
In Agile MethodologyOtherOther
XML elements can have attributes. True or False?OtherOther
Which of the following sentence is incorrect for XML?OtherOther
What does SOAP stand for?OtherOther
Which of the following statement is incorrect about SOAP?OtherOther
What are new workflow added in sharepoint designer 2010?OtherOther
What is the Stands for RIA?OtherOther
Which language is Silverlight developed in?OtherOther
Is Silverlight free?OtherOther
How XML can be differentiated from HTML?OtherOther
In XML,What to use if we require XPath services or need to update the XML?OtherOther
The postback method used in ajax update panel is______OtherOther

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