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Car Management SystemChetankumar G Shetty30 Apr 2015
Functionality like adding car details (Car model, feature and comment) and retrieving the car information based on the selection of the car from the drop down list are included in the project.

Medical Data Analysis Chetankumar G Shetty11 Apr 2015
It is a medical data analysis project wherein one can add disease name, add symptoms of diseases and can check the patient with the probability of diseases that he/she may have based on the stored set of diseases and its symptoms.

online web application for sending sms NIRMAL PATRA04 Dec 2011
online web application for sending message to mobile

online examination systemNIRMAL PATRA04 Dec 2011
online examination for students of any institute

window application in 3 tier Architectureraj kumar sahu09 Nov 2011
This project will demonstrate how to make project on 3 tier architecture by using BOclass(Business object ),DALclass(DATA ACCESS LAYER),BAL(BUSINESS ACCESS LAYER)

Simple Admission Formsoyab shaikh06 Sep 2011
Simple Admission Form developed in .

Count With TimeSanjay C06 Sep 2011
This web application deals with increment in counter w.r.t time interval of 10 seconds.

Online ResultsD.Arun Kumar19 Jan 2011
Online Results

Children educational games applicationspinumalla prashant12 Jan 2011
educational applications

WebCam-VideoCapture - VB.Net - Windows ApplicationBasha04 Jun 2010
WebCam VideoCapture VB.Net Windows Application to capture your video on WebCam.

Patient Information System (PIS)Tp02 Jun 2010
The PIS system stores patient records in a database

Fee Collection Systemyogini18 May 2010
For Beginners this is good to learn how to save, maintain and retrieve information from database. Also to learn ‘how to work with datagridview and how can we validate it’, this is useful project.

Project created using MVC Design Patternmahendra unde08 May 2010
This project is created using MVC Design Pattern. pages are rendered using Microsoft navigation graph. Hope this will help you to learn MVC pattern in .Net 2.o

Access the skype functionalities in .NETDAMU29 Apr 2010
This project helps to communicate the skype service. You can access all the skype functionality through the skype api.

Online Examination With Proper CountDown and Generating Reportpradeep14 Apr 2010
Actually i got lots of request for the Online test thats y i have developed it for those user. Online Examination is an Web Application developed in C#, ASP.NET3.5 with SQL SERVER2005.

eFund ManagementVikram Singh Saini25 Mar 2010
Windows based Client-Server Software

Blaster Master (World Edition C#)Trent Jackson22 Mar 2010
Video Game

Simple Web Browser Project for studentsAjay Singh19 Mar 2010
This is simple web browser developed in c#.

Notepad ApplicationAjay Singh19 Mar 2010
This is the simple Notepad application Developed in c#.

Migrate Exchange server document to SharePointAngna Upadhyay15 Mar 2010
It allows user to migrte documents of exchange server public folder to Share Point List libraries

File CompressorNikhil14 Mar 2010
A Simple Window Application to compress or decompress File.

Currency ConversionNisar13 Mar 2010
I developed this useful application by using free web-service.

Creating Web appliction that use customizable Web Partschandrashekar11 Mar 2010
ASP.NET Web Parts controls are an integrated set of controls for creating Web sites that enable end users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of Web pages directly in a browser. The topics in this section provide information on what Web Parts are, how they work, and how to use them to create user-customizable ASP.NET Web pages.

Finding Ball Game MuhiReks11 Mar 2010
To click same color ball.

ATM Card processingDeveloper09 Mar 2010
Atm card processing

Salary Projectvirendra27 Feb 2010
You Are Able To Store Your Employee Salary Details

IP ResolverNisar27 Feb 2010
Developed in Get city,country, citycode from ip address Please refer the attached code for more clarification

navigation controls.Developer22 Feb 2010
it is a project using site map node in navigation controls.

Creating an Autosuggest Textbox.Rk15 Feb 2010
The idea is that if the user enters one or more characters In the Textbox will search its list of suggestions and picks up the correction one from list.

Learn How to send Mail From Web ApplicationKomil Shah12 Feb 2010
Mail Sending Application.

Analog Clock In c#.Netroushan12 Feb 2010
This software is designed in

Web Browser Develop in C#.Netroushan12 Feb 2010
It's is a simple web browser based on internet explorer.

sample application for learn form authenticationeldhose03 Feb 2010
This application help you to get basic idea about form authentication

Web BrowserMuhiReks03 Feb 2010
This is a sample browser application.

A Pretty Digital ClockNikhil25 Jan 2010
Set Pretty Digital Clock on your Desktop or on any other application.

3 Tier Architecture in ASP.NETJigar24 Jan 2010
This is a 3 Tier Architecture Project in ASP.NET

Simple UI to interact with Databasekrishnavenikaladi21 Jan 2010
The project is a windows based application which enables the user to interact with the data base. Any sql statements (select, insert, delete, update), DML statements can be executed. The project enables u to store your sql statements and also to load them as per your requirement.

SMS Application( Send Sms from App To Mobile)Preeti jain21 Jan 2010
This Sample Project Contains How we can Send SMS on single or Many Mobile No's through Web application by using Service Provider It also Contains Database Backup file. This Website is in VS2005 with Sqlserver 2005 as Back End

Applying a Skin IDKolan18 Jan 2010
to apply a skin to all the Pages in one web application

Software TrackerShanthi M13 Jan 2010
This Project displays the softwares that are installed in the system. In order to find the Unauthorized Software in the system, we have to track the software installed in the system. Using Registry Key, we can find the software installed in the system.

Complete project on “MP3 PLAYER”Syed Arif Murshed03 Jan 2010
For Diploma student a Project on "MP3 PLAYER"

Learn How to Get All Hardware informationKomil Shah02 Jan 2010
This project is all about getting all Hardaware Information Programatically.

Book Store ProjectJigar31 Dec 2009
It is general Book Store Project

Employee Management System with SQLite as a backendKomil Shah30 Dec 2009
This project contains the entry module with all functionality of EDIT,DELETE,ADD and also contains Navigation functions. The interesting part of this application and objective behind publishing this project in public is its back-end. Here I have used SQLite DATABASE as a back-end. This entry module is only to learn how to use SQLite Database as back-end. if you have any question or concerns about this project please send me your query.

The project explains how we can create CAPTCHA in easy way.Komil Shah28 Dec 2009
This captcha project is very easy to implement and user friendly.

Project for Showing Twitter quotespraveen mehta24 Dec 2009
To get twitter quotes from twitter

Banking Projectkrishnavenikaladi23 Dec 2009
The Banking Project is a windows based application to perform bank transactions. The project includes creating an account,debiting & crediting account,sanctioning loans,transfering amount from one account to another,checking the balance

SMS PackNagarajan19 Dec 2009
To send a SMS from PC to Mobile using Mobile(GSM) or GSM Modem

Progress Bar for long running processesSupun17 Dec 2009
This is a sample application which uses a progress bar (in a form of GIF image)

Reminder ApplicationMuhiReks17 Dec 2009
we can add our daily reminders , those reminders will be display in the Task Bar after a Remainder time meets a System time.

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