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TitlePosted ByPosted Date
Car Management SystemChetankumar G Shetty30 Apr 2015
Functionality like adding car details (Car model, feature and comment) and retrieving the car information based on the selection of the car from the drop down list are included in the project.

Medical Data Analysis Chetankumar G Shetty11 Apr 2015
It is a medical data analysis project wherein one can add disease name, add symptoms of diseases and can check the patient with the probability of diseases that he/she may have based on the stored set of diseases and its symptoms.

online web application for sending sms NIRMAL PATRA04 Dec 2011
online web application for sending message to mobile

online examination systemNIRMAL PATRA04 Dec 2011
online examination for students of any institute

Count With TimeSanjay C06 Sep 2011
This web application deals with increment in counter w.r.t time interval of 10 seconds.

Online ResultsD.Arun Kumar19 Jan 2011
Online Results

Children educational games applicationspinumalla prashant12 Jan 2011
educational applications

Project created using MVC Design Patternmahendra unde08 May 2010
This project is created using MVC Design Pattern. pages are rendered using Microsoft navigation graph. Hope this will help you to learn MVC pattern in .Net 2.o

Online Examination With Proper CountDown and Generating Reportpradeep14 Apr 2010
Actually i got lots of request for the Online test thats y i have developed it for those user. Online Examination is an Web Application developed in C#, ASP.NET3.5 with SQL SERVER2005.

Migrate Exchange server document to SharePointAngna Upadhyay15 Mar 2010
It allows user to migrte documents of exchange server public folder to Share Point List libraries

Creating Web appliction that use customizable Web Partschandrashekar11 Mar 2010
ASP.NET Web Parts controls are an integrated set of controls for creating Web sites that enable end users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of Web pages directly in a browser. The topics in this section provide information on what Web Parts are, how they work, and how to use them to create user-customizable ASP.NET Web pages.

navigation controls.Developer22 Feb 2010
it is a project using site map node in navigation controls.

Creating an Autosuggest Textbox.Rk15 Feb 2010
The idea is that if the user enters one or more characters In the Textbox will search its list of suggestions and picks up the correction one from list.

Learn How to send Mail From Web ApplicationKomil Shah12 Feb 2010
Mail Sending Application.

sample application for learn form authenticationeldhose03 Feb 2010
This application help you to get basic idea about form authentication

3 Tier Architecture in ASP.NETJigar24 Jan 2010
This is a 3 Tier Architecture Project in ASP.NET

SMS Application( Send Sms from App To Mobile)Preeti jain21 Jan 2010
This Sample Project Contains How we can Send SMS on single or Many Mobile No's through Web application by using Service Provider It also Contains Database Backup file. This Website is in VS2005 with Sqlserver 2005 as Back End

Applying a Skin IDKolan18 Jan 2010
to apply a skin to all the Pages in one web application

Book Store ProjectJigar31 Dec 2009
It is general Book Store Project

The project explains how we can create CAPTCHA in easy way.Komil Shah28 Dec 2009
This captcha project is very easy to implement and user friendly.

Project for Showing Twitter quotespraveen mehta24 Dec 2009
To get twitter quotes from twitter

Progress Bar for long running processesSupun17 Dec 2009
This is a sample application which uses a progress bar (in a form of GIF image)

Online Library Management System.Siti26 Oct 2009
As the name suggests Library Management System will deal in all the requirements needed for managing libraries. It will deal with the process of maintaining data about the books and many other things as well as transactions, which are taking place in the library with respect to the issue and return of the books.

online shopping portal deepanshu11 Oct 2009
This application is created in using c#

Simple Authentication and registration process for a website through Membership schemadnyandeep10 Oct 2009
This project explains you the basic authentication and registration process using membership schema provided by Their are many inbuilt features provided by the which are used here. Microsoft visual studio 2005 and sql express must be installed on your computer

IPAddress To Country ResolverABitSmart26 Sep 2009
This project demonstrates how to resolve the country which the IP address belongs to.

Bug Tracking SystemSameer Sayani25 Sep 2009
Bug Tracking System is a web based application in which QA can login, collect the bugs & get those bugs posted to developers. QA can add comments and can also check online whether the bugs are fixed or not.

Sample AJAX & With out AJAX Web siteL Sagar08 Sep 2009
Here is an application to demonstrate how to use Ajax in our application.And If AJAX is Not Present,You can see both with clear examples. Before using this you need to install the Ajax control toolkit in your machine that can be freely downloaded from the Microsoft site that is here with the use of update panel we can avoid the post back. i have used 2 label in which one label shows the current time without post back..

Web based Online Quiz.satya28 Aug 2009
This is a web based Online Quiz developed using ASP.NET 3.5 and C#. SQL Server 2000 is used as database back end. I have automated the total project, it contains creating question and creating question paper for the administrator and online test for the user role.

Project Explains how we can work on Data Access layered architectureSyed Nadeem Agha Jafri24 Aug 2009
With the help of Data Access Layer 3-tier Architecture Works

Sharepoint Project : An EventHandler to fire when a new wiki page is createdshabana 19 Aug 2009
This project creates a Eventhandler in .net to fire on sharepoint site when we create a wiki page on the site. The Eventhanlder has to create two folders on that site with the name of the page 1.under shared documents 2.under Images (if exists)..picture library.

OFFICE AUTOMATION SYSTEMSantosh Kumar Singh19 Aug 2009
Application should allow only authentic person to enter the data for the employee records and student data. Administrator have rights for entering the details for the library transaction and other information regarding the books. It should keep track of the student academic records through out their course duration. This application should also use for payroll system for faculties and also keep trace daily attendances for the staff member and student also.

Send Mail with Attachments using GmailMrs. Meetu Choudhary Nanda15 Aug 2009
Sending Mails with attachments using Gmail Download code from here Many times I came across the question, "how can we send mails with some files as attachments?" and "do we really need to buy a domain of our own to send mail?"or can we send mails using gmail, yahoo or hotmail accounts. So I decided to write this article to try and answer these questions.

Export Grid to ExcelMrs. Meetu Choudhary Nanda06 Aug 2009
In this article we are going to read and understand how in a web application we can export a grid data in the excel file. Let's start with creating an application in VS2008 (You can even go for VS2005 or VS2010)

Creating Styling with ThemesR.Vijayaragavan29 Jul 2009

Themes are used to define the look and feel of a web site, similarly to how pages are styled using CSS.

A theme can be used in one of two ways. It can be used as a Stylesheet theme, which acts in a similar way to a regular CSS style sheet. The alternative is to use your theme as a Customization theme, which changes the order of preference for style rules that you may be used to, so that the Customization theme.will specify the style to use for each element, overriding any style preferences spec

TimeZone Information From RegistryAbhinav Dawra22 Jul 2009
Many a times I have come across people asking about date time conversion based on time zones. This is a software project which will help in displaying the timezone and the difference with respect to GMT for the currently selected timezone. It will also indicate when does the daylight saving time begin and end for a particular time zone.

Excel Operation (Update/Select/Insert)Lakhan Pal17 Jul 2009
This application will tell you about the operation on excel sheet (like Insert, Update and Select) with the help of simple queries.

Custom paging in gridviewMrs. Meetu Choudhary Nanda16 Jul 2009
This is a sample of customized Paging the concept implements the logic used in Google for paging the page numbers increases and decreases as in Google.. I have seen that logic and tires to implement it some how i succeeded and now i am sharing it with you all.. in this i have used a menu bar for the customized paging in the pager of a grid view.... the piece of code for the .cs file is as follows and for .aspx files and .cs files please go through the attachments..

Three Layer Architecture.Mrs. Meetu Choudhary Nanda16 Jul 2009
The project explains how we can work on three layered architecture.

Subtext to Wordpress ConverterFactica01 Jul 2009
This code migrates the subtext blog engine to wordpress XML import format and lets you import in wordpress

YouTube Video playerNikhil Gaur25 Jun 2009
This is a Video player which stream youtube videos from youtube server and plays it on your system.

Art Gallery C# projectsarin20 Jun 2009
This is a Art Gallery project.I have done it by the reference of online cites.

Sample Ajax Web siteAnil Kumar Pandey09 Jun 2009
This is a sample web site to demonstrate how to use the Ajax in your application.

Generate barcode using .ashx handlerFarhan Uddin Khan02 Jun 2009
This application generates barcode using file generation and by implementing .ashx handler.

Sample Project of Online Exam Conducting with timerManoranjan Sahoo01 Jun 2009
This is a sample project for online exam with timer. This project help to those people who want to create an online exam conducting website. Because of some peoples request about this, I designed this project. I give you all the source code of this with this.

Mini Forum Web Application in ASP.NET/VB.NETHefin Dsouza13 May 2009
This is a Simple forum application developed in ASP.NET/VB.NET.

Online Advertising Agencysuthaharan06 May 2009
The project entitled “Online Advertising Agency” the main aim of the project is to provide live advertisements with the users selected images and content. The main theme is to provide advertisement in form of text, images, story, animations, Banners etc.

Code Generator ProgramRakesh Thakur04 May 2009
Change the web config and run application .it will create the DAL and BAL classes automatically in your solution.

Validation Machine for AdministratorsSandeep Vijayan24 Apr 2009
Validation Machine is a kind of tool in the hand of the website administrator to change the properties of the validation controls in his website without going through the pains of visiting each and every page in the project manually and changing its property every now and then as need arises.It also releases him of going through the code of each page and painstakingly find the control in the midest of a hundreds of controls in the webpage.

Online Customer Care SupportRanjith11 Feb 2009
The online customer care project is a vital component for reducing your support load. Customer can be in touch with the Online Customer Care Desk 24x7. They use the user-friendly interfaces to post requests and know about their request status and also about the previous solutions given to the requests.

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