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    how to assign the value selected in the list box to a string variable?

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    i have a list box that has the options of different professions(like doctor,lawyer,teacher,...)
    i want to know how to assign the selected option in the run time to a string variable

    if the options are :

    then plz specify the exact c# code format

    thanks in advance
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    hi shruthi

    You have not specified whether you are using a databound grid. you can access the selected items text by

    YourStringVariable = Listbox1.SelectedItem.text

    If you are using a databound list then you may be binding a text field(What is displayed , Property named DataTextField ) and a value field (Which is hidden but used to identify the item in the database, Property named DataValueField).

    you can access the value of the itemselected by

    YourStringVariable = Listbox1.SelectedItem.value


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    Hi Shruthi,
    U can assign by using the following code
    String Str=lstBox.selecteditem.text;


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    String str =lstBox.selecteditem.text;

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    string sr=listbox.selecteditem.Text
    to obtain the text you can use this.
    if you need the value then
    string sr= listbox.selected.item.value

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    string itemtext=ListBox1.SelectedItem.Text

    string itemvalue=ListBox1.SelectedItem.Value

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