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    how to draw various autoshapes in C# window forms?

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    how can i draw autoshapes (circles,squre,triangle,oval of desired size.) in a window form?
    eg: if i want to draw a human face n various actions when mouse pointer moves on various parts of it.
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    Use the Graphics object for drawing shapes,

    Refer System.Drawing namespace.

    Since there is no option to upload the sameple applications, i cannot upload the simple paint
    application which i developed.

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    thank u sir 4 ur kind response,if possible plz send the application through the mail.

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    This is the code for drawing shapes, Assume that this code is in a WinForm
    Call this method on some event handler, say button click

    <font style="FONT-SIZE: 12px; COLOR: blue; FONT-FAMILY: 'Courier New'" >

    public void DrawShapes()
    SolidBrush sBrush = new SolidBrush(Color.Black);
    Pen drawPen = new Pen(sBrush);
    Graphics g = this.CreateGraphics();



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    Refer System.Drawing namespace.
    Software Engg.

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