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    Preventing duplicate values being added to a dropdown menu

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    I'm trying to populate a dropdown menu with values from a sql database table however I can't work out how to stop duplicate values being added.

    I have created a datareader object which pulls the info out of the database then I use this datareader to populate the dropdown as follows:

    menuLanguages.DataSource = drLanguages

    menuLanguages.DataTextField = "language_name"
    menuLanguages.DataValueField = "language"

    But this of course then lists all the records in the datareader. How do I skip any values that have already appeared in the list once?
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    hey stuart
    write a stored procedure or a select query to select the distinct values from the table and display it in the drop down. thats how u can eliminate the duplication r else for each and every value in datareader u need to check for the duplication . if i would have been in ur situation i would go for the stored procedure r a query.

    if u have any ?? feel free to contact

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    Hi Stuart,

    Try the following :
    1.First, Create a class called Database.cs
    2.Next, include the following set of code within the Database{ } Class.

    public DataTable SelectDistinct(string TableName, DataTable SourceTable, string FieldName,string FieldName2)
    DataTable dt = new DataTable(TableName);
    dt.Columns.Add(FieldName2, SourceTable.Columns[FieldName2].DataType);
    object LastValue = null;
    object IndexValue = null;
    foreach (DataRow dr in SourceTable.Select("", FieldName))
    if ( LastValue == null || !(ColumnEqual(LastValue, dr[FieldName])) )
    LastValue = dr[FieldName];
    IndexValue = dr[FieldName2];
    dt.Rows.Add(new object[]{LastValue,IndexValue});
    return dt;

    private bool ColumnEqual(object A, object B)
    if ( A == DBNull.Value && B == DBNull.Value )
    return true;
    if ( A == DBNull.Value || B == DBNull.Value )
    return false;
    return ( A.Equals(B) );

    3.Finally, call the SelectDistinct() method from the required .aspx page and assign it to your DropDownList.

    Database db = new Database();
    myDropdownList.DataSource =db.SelectDistinct ("urTBLname",ursourceTBL,"urfield1","urfield2");
    myDropdownList.DataTextField = " urfield1";
    myDropdownList.DataValueField = " urfield2";

    The Codes are self explanatory.
    The methods : SelectDistinct() & ColumnEqual() helps us pick out the unique values.
    Run Your program.
    hope its working the way you want it now :-)
    - Anita Joseph

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    I'll give them both a try

    Many thanks for the help guys!

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