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    DateTime in SQL Server and Date in ASP.NET (C#)

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    Dear All

    I had a record in SQL Server which contains a datatime field (e.g. with value 9/6/2006 17:04:35)

    I created a aspx to capute the use input date and then use date to search this record. If user input 9/6/2006, there is no record found. However, if user input exactly the date and time 9/6/2006 17:04:35, record is found.

    So the question is: I would like to only use the 9/6/2006 instead of using the datetime value for search this record(s). What can I do in this case?

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    use this
    SELECT *
    FROM Tb_LoggInUser
    WHERE CONVERT(CHAR(10), CreatedDate, 101) = '06/12/2006'

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