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    Okay, I'm going be the most uncouth and vulgar in this thread, but just because the time has come and gone is relevant to the issue at hand. It's been more than a three months now ago that Madden NFL 23 was announced. Since then there were no updates. EA corporate or Tiburon have addressed the game's version on the PC that was last-gen in any way that is meaningful.

    On the forums, there's been no official statement, only replies from a community manager which can be summed up as:

    Reiterating the "no next-gen PC" statement from this press release.

    It is suggested that PC customers sign up for the full month to month EA Play Pro so we can purchase a demo and decide if this last-gen version is worth buying at cost.

    The question of FieldSense as the only distinction between last-gen and next-gen in the air due to Tiburon still has more information about its features between now and launch day.

    It's a bit of a joke that Tiburon will not give an answer that is straight, also.

    On the other side, a search of "madden 23 next-gen pc" has only found one outlet who actually inquired EA about the status of PC port PC connection, Sports Gamers Online. They got another reiteration "no next-gen for PC" issue from the press release. There was also an unspecific "better luck the next time" that SGO did not directly mention. Disclosure: It's not clear to be like SGO had been invited to attend the one-day preview event that EA Tiburon held at its studio.It's a shame.

    Would now be a good time to point out how Madden NFL 22 for PC had just two ratings on Metacritic and 46 on XSXS and PS5 combined? We're still in the train tracks, with only a only a handful of journalists asking tough questions reviewers using the reviews as a way to make EA accountable.

    In the last article, PC players voting with their wallets will see the game canceled, not enhanced. When that happens, EA will have nobody to blame but themselves, however, I fully expect them to take it upon themselves to dismiss PC gamers for the result of a "lack of support and interest". Sincerely, I do not have faith in gaming media to take on EA on that point, despite PC players' constant appeals to stop delivering point upgrades to Madden NFL 19 year after year.

    So what, did EA declare at the beginning that they weren't going to discuss or respond to questions regarding the PC version? And did they have no comment on questions about the PC version or did no one thought to ask questions since none of you were PC gamers or came from PC-centric outlets?

    I'm not sure you've noticed, but it's the third year in a row of last-gen consoles on PC, and despite all the talk from EA of taking feedback on forums and social media to heart, we were left with a roaring scream. I'm 100% certain that all the influential people who attended were console players. It would have been nice to see any of the professional journalists present advocate for us, however, since voting through our wallets could convince EA to stop making the game before they make improvements to it.

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