How to Remove Duplicate Items in Microsoft Outlook?

Before you get ready to remove the duplicate items of Microsoft Outlook, you need to find the cause of the problem and then solve the problem. However, if you cannot do anything, then here is the help for you. Below mentioned are five ways to remove duplicate files from Outlook mailbox.

Configure the rules correctly
Always select "Do not Import Duplicate Items" while importing Outlook items
Set the inbox updates frequency
Clean up the inbox

Antivirus Application

Third-Party Outlook Duplicates Remover

Third-Party Outlook Duplicate Remover tool for permanently removing the Outlook duplicates.
One such application is for Outlook Duplicates Remover. The software automatically finds and removes duplicate items from your Outlook. It is the best and proven solution to remove Outlook duplicate items. It provides you many options to find duplicate items; for example, you can specify a date range to find duplicates. A free version of the software is also available that allows you to remove duplicate items. You can also remove ten items from each folder with this free Outlook Duplicates Remover tool.

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