Task failing in azure batch account

We have set up a batch account in azure which divides the total number of entries to be processed based on page size, say 10, that we give as input parameter and run them simultaneously.
Say we have 200 entries to be processed(say being picked from one database table and put in another table),the total rows gets divided by 10.200/10=20 entries get picked by 10 individual tasks and get processed by axure job. It works fine always. But sometimes, randomly 2-3 takes out of the 10 tasks fails with error message 'Specified path doesn't exist with exit code 1'.Is there any mechanism which we can put in place to find out why the tasks fail to find out the root cause.is it an existing problem from Microsoft? It appears like the exe program, written in .Net, which gets invoked by all these tasks, doesn't even get called because of the exit code 1.Any inputs or help on this will be highly appreciated.