Angular Application needs to implement scan the uploaded docx or pdf document

As a developer I need to create a routine that can accept a file or file location to check for viruses and malware so we do not store and use and bad files for XPS use.

All files that come in from customers must be analyzed for viruses and malware before they are utilized by the XPS system.

Acceptance Criteria
Accept a file location to analyze the file for
Use simple angular page to kick off upload and scan
Virus system will return back if the virus check passed or failed

I have angular application running on my local. I need to implement this scan the docx or pdf any one help, I will pay the money. Please contact me, One more project I need to write nunit unittests code using moq .net core application. Please contact me whatapp +1 2484703292 Thanks,Venkat. Please email me your numbers to my email or whatsapp, I will contact you.