Linq not return result in web api


I have written following linq query. my web api getting id from Url
But my query is getting null. if i try manual (e.ID == 1), then it is
working. Where is my linq query is wrong and why not return result.
How solve this problem..

public EmployeeModel Get(int id)
WebApiDBContext db = new WebApiDBContext();
List<EmployeeModel> employees = new List<EmployeeModel>();
List<Department> departments = new List<Department>();
List<SubDepartment> subDepartments = new List<SubDepartment>();

var query = (from e in employees
join d in departments on e.DepartmentId equals d.DepartmentId
join s in subDepartments on e.SubDepartmentId equals s.SubDepartmentId
where (e.ID == Convert.ToInt32(id))
select new EmployeeModel
ID = e.ID,
UserName = e.UserName,
Email = e.Email,
AadharCardNo = e.AadharCardNo,
PanNo = e.PanNo,
DepartmentId = e.DepartmentId,
DepartmentName = d.DepartmentName,
SubDepartmentId = e.SubDepartmentId,
SubDepartmentName = s.SubDepartmentName

return query;
catch (Exception ex)
throw ex;