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    Email is not sending


    I am one Issue is that Email functionality already implemented in my project and it was working.

    But since last 2 days this functionality has STOP working on UAT and PROD environment.

    I took UAT code and connect with UAT Database and debug the code and found that web-service is also used to send email and also "KafkaLog" class has been used. I have not idea about this.

    And i found one exception is that "The SMTP host was not specified." and "Inner Exception 1:
    Win32Exception: The wait operation timed out"

    I am stuck with this and nor able to find the root cause also.

    Can any one please help me out.
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    I think yous mail was taking more time to send the mail to the specified recipients. so, try to increase the timeout property for the smtp protocol.

    by default it will 100 seconds and we need to change this to required time using below property in .net


    hope, it will resolve the above problem.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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