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    Issue in pulish/deploy a web application in IIS.

    Hello, I have done a setup for automating the .net appication deployment using jenkins. I have configured the job and got the build package. Now I wanted to deploy the same to an IIS server which is running in AWS. I surfed some article and followed but couldnt succeed it. Someone help me with the procedure to achieve the same.

    Note I dont have VS in my jenkins machine, I wanted to deploy using either MSBuild or MSDeploy.
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    not clear on the problem what you have like are you able to deploy but not working or are you not able to deploy into IIS using jenkins?

    as per the description you mentioned above , understood that you want to deploy .net code thru jenkins, so my suggestion is you are building the .net source to deploy and putting into some place in your machine right?
    so, after building this you can copy the same into IIS and create virtual folders/app pools using Power Sheel script.
    This powershell script you can manually or you can specify this at Jenkins so that it will automatically fire when the build was done.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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