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    Introduction to the C# language using. net framework

    C # Language

    The C# syntax is very expressive, and it is also simple and easy to learn.

    C# supports generic types and methods that offer performance and enhanced type safety, and iterators that allows implementers of collection classes to define custom iteration behaviors that are simple to use by client code. Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) expressions make the strongly-typed query a first class construct.Developers who know one of these languages can normally work productively in C# within a very short time.

    C# supports the concepts of polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and. All variables and methods, including the main method, the application's entry point, etc.
    In C#, a structure is like a lightweight class; it is a stack-allocated type that can implement interfaces but does not support inheritance.

    Below are the basic object-oriented principles that makes C# easy to develop software components through multiple innovative language.

    1.In addition to these object-oriented principles, C# facilitates the development of software components through several innovative language constructs.

    2.What do you mean?Properties that act as accessors for private member variables.

    3.Attributes that provide declarative metadata about types at run time.

    4.Inline XML documentation comments.

    5.What do you mean?Voice-integrated query (LINQ) that provides built-in query capabilities for a variety of data sources.
    The following are additional C# resources:

    1.A good General introduction to the language.

    2.What do you mean?Detailed information on certain aspects of the C# language can be found in the C# reference.

    3.For more information about LINQ, see LINQ (Language-Integrated Query).

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