Live Exchange to Office 365 Migration tool

Most of the users are in need of a Live Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration tool with entire mailbox items like E-Mail, Calendar, Contact, Task, Journal etc. EdbMails is a highly preferred solution for the migration of Live Exchange to office 365 .

Need of Migration from Live Exchange to Office 365

Users can get many advantages in Migration from Live Exchange to Office 365 account. As Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based server, so that user can avail Microsoft applications . Office 365 access emails, Documents, database, Contacts, Calendar events, etc across the globe.

Many Application on Office 365: –Microsoft Office 365 provide all Microsoft Application products like Microsoft Word , Excel ,Outlook etc. In addition user can use application like Business Intelligence tools, personal and shared storage, Project Server, Yammer, Skype, etc.

Work on fresh Platform: –Microsoft Office 365 provides the latest version of all software provided by Microsoft Corporation. With this platform, All new features are up to date with the user account.

Can access across the globe : –Microsoft office 365 can easily access across the globe at any time.

Availability of Active sync: –The most advantage of Cloud-based Email services is that it gives option to synchronize Email, Documents, Attachments, etc. from various devices. .

Highly secured: –The main reason to opt office 365 is security.

Live Exchange to office 365 migration software

EdbMails Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Migration software is highly preferred tool in the market. The software can migrate Live Exchange server to Office 365 with all mailbox items like Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, Notes, etc. The migration can be done without any third party intermediary.

The tool keeps the similar folder structure of Live Exchange Server Mailbox during the migration . Its incremental migration feature helps in avoiding the duplicates.

Key benefits of Live Exchange to Office 365 Migration

* Support to migrate multiple mailboxes from Live Exchange to Office 365 .
* Facility to map user accounts automatically
* True incremental, no worries about duplicates.
* Advance Exclude folder options to manage folder before migrate into Office 365 .
* Support for Operating Systems Windows 2007,2008,2010 , Windows server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012.
* The demo version of this application allows you to migrate 30 items from each and every folder of Live Exchange user account to Office 365.

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