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    Page stuck while large amount of data bind in drop down list c# (Web)


    I have created one web application and facing problem of bind the large amount of data in drop-down ( 15000 rows )

    Can you please help me what are the alternative solution for the same

    PS : We do not want to replace c# drop down because its selected value used in whole application

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Bhavik,

    First of all why do you use Drop down for 15K items.

    Based on my experience, I have had drop down lists with thousands of options and it wasn't ideal though because who wants to scroll through all of those? This is why an auto-complete of some type is more desirable for numerous reasons, especially at the end user's experience. You can use textbox and auto fill it when user enters any input. That's the alternative of it.

    Nirav Lalan
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    For DropDownlist 15000 rows its large amount of Data. It will affect performance. you can use textbox auto fill options.

    Gothrough this link its usefull for your requirement.


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    I suggest to use 2 approaches to achieve the performance

    1 .fill the drop down values on drop down scrolling event using jquery
    2. make seperate Ajax hit after page load and fill the values

    i think , 1st approach is good and it will avoid the performance issue and only loads when user scroll down the drop down values and it s dynamic content loading. refer below link for more details

    B.Ramana Reddy

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