Update sql table from dynamic table using linq

I have Dynamic Table created from Excel
DataTable dt = ExcelToTable(path);
dt has columns
1. Updated_Supplier_Remark

and other table is tblExportOrderdatas with Columns
1. Supplier_Remark

I want to update
Supplier_Remark with Updated_Supplier_Remark
Date with Updated_Date

How can i update data from dt to tblExportOrderdatas using LINQ only.

I am able to do it Using Sql Query but need to do it by Linq only

Below code is not saving data. Please suggest.

int sid=Convert.ToInt32(sExportID);

var objtblInbox = (from m in objLCSEntities.tblExportOrderdatas
where m.Batch_ID == sid
select m).ToList<tblExportOrderdata>();

foreach (var p in objtblInbox)

var nflplayer = new tblExportOrderdata();
foreach (DataRow dr in copydt.Rows) // search whole table
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(dr["Updated_Supplier_Remarks"].ToString())) // if not empty

nflplayer.Supplier_Remark = dr["Updated_Supplier_Remarks"].ToString();