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  • Category: Windows 10

    How to Check the Windows already Open

    I have Menu Bar Like Transaction when i am click ,open the Create transaction window should be open .
    again i am going to try to open the Create Transaction window .

    how to give the warning Message like "Already create Transaction Window opened"

    how to check the window currently open or Not ?
    if i am click the opened window , give some warning message and show the old opened window.?
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    I'm assuming that you have to use thread synchronisation Mutex and restrict the number of instances / windows....


    Boolean isNewWindow;

    var mutex = new Mutex(true, mutexName, out isNewWindow);

    if (!isNewWindow)
    //If createdNew is false that means an instance of application is already running for this
    // user.
    //So in this case stop the application from executing.

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