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    Where to store view-state

    Where the view-state is stored after the page post-back?
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    ViewState is one of the most important in ASP.NET State Management .It is generally used for maintaining the state of the controls or objects.Basically, it is client side technique and is stored in hidden field on the page.In other words, it just act as a hidden field where it stored the value for the current page.It is transported to the client and back to the server.It is not stored in the server and the value of ViewState only persists for the current page only.It's value gets expired when current page is get expired.In other words it will not retain the value of the ViewState when current page get expired.

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    In Asp.Net EnableViewState="True" EnableViewStateMac="True" its for Page Level and Application Level in Web.Config.
    EnableViewStateMac="True" we cant able to see the Description for values.


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