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    How to load session variables in page load event.


    i have .exe process which is running back-end. how to disable the button until process complete.


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    If its a website then solution to your problem is to use the async call.
    If you know any javascript framework then it will be lot easy for you. Follow the below steps to achieve your functionality
    1. Not sure how you trigger the process. but if you are doing it on the button click and its an website then disable the button after kicking of the process.
    2. Now you need something that will tell the browser that process is completed... that you can do in many ways.. like if you have leverage on process then add a step in the process to update database table that it is completed and from javascript make call (Web Method or service that will keep eye on the process) to hit the database to get the update and enable the button if process completed.
    3. if process is creating any file then again you need to make a call to check that file created or not.

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