In which cases CQRS pattern is more applicable?

Could someone provide answers to below questions

Q1 ) Identify the use cases where CQRS pattern is more applicable. Choose all that apply.
a) Cases where the business rules are simple.
b) Cases where performance of data reads must be fine-tuned separately from data writes
c) Cases where simple CRUD data operations and related UI is sufficient
d) Cases where the business rules are complex and users are guided through a complex process using task-based user interface.

Q2) You are building an application that handles sensitive data and requires stringent security controls.You plan to use Cliam-based authentication and authorization.Which techniques would you use to secure the tokens carrying the Claims?( Choose all that apply)
a) Transmit over HTTPS
b) Digital signature
c) Hashing
d) Token Expiration

Q3) You are building a system that needs to receive encrypted messages from 3rd parties using public-key encryption( Asymmetric encryption). Which key would you provide to 3rd parties to encrypt messages
a) Private Key
b) Public Key

Q4) Plan is to develop a new application.Quality of the code created needs to be measured .Also, need to ensure that it is easy to test and obtain high code coverage.What should be done?
a) Ensure that concrete classes depend only on other concrete classes.
b) Ensure that each class has only one responsibility.
c) Create as few abstract classes and interfaces as possible.
d) Create as many static methods as possible

Q5) A customer is planning to build an application to track travel requests & expenses.The employees will use different end user devices with different operating to access the application. The application should be user friendly, and easy to manage and deploy. Which one of the following application types you would recommend?
a) Rich Client application
b) Web Application
c) Web service
d) Mobile application

Q6) You are implementing a reusable library that allows to send emails using different SMTP services such as Office 365 and on-premises SMTP server. You need to provide a simple interface to developers to use any of the email services without having to understand the internals on how to connect to these email services and send emails. Which design pattern will you use for this requirement.
a) Singleton
b) Prototype
c) Factory method
d) None

Q7) A company is planning to build a new recruitment portal on .NET 4.5 platform. This portal should allow public users to register using their social Ids and submit their resume. As an application architect , you need to recommend an authentication solution for this requirement. Which one of the following options would you recommend
a) Custom Forms-based authentication using Social Identity Providers APIs
b) ASP.NET Identity
c) Active Directory
d) ASP.NET Membership

Q8) You are building an application that streams large amount of data. This data needs to be secured from unauthorized access using encryption, and the encryption/decryption should have minimal impact on the performance of the application.Which encryption type would you recommend.
a) Symmetric encryption
b) Asymmetric encryption
c) 1 or 2, anyone will be fine
d) Will not recommend encryption

Q9) You are building a layered application with presentation, business and data layers. The business layer needs to be abstracted from data layer to reduce impact because of any changes in the data store and support automated Unit testing.Which of the following designing patterns you will pick? Choose all that apply
a) Unit-of-work
b) Mediator
c) Repository