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    Why tables for layout not preferred ?

    Could someone answer below interview questions?

    Tables for layout other than tabular data presentation are not preferred in HTML because
    a) Caching of the layout won't work
    b) Changing the design needs change of HTML code
    c) Accessibility won't work
    d) It's just matter of tradition

    From the following give the disadvantages of HTML5?
    i) Cleaner markup
    ii) Additional semantics of new elements like <header>,<nav>, and <time>
    iii) New form input types and attributes that will ( and in Opera's case, do) take the hassle out of scripting forms.
    a) i and ii
    b) ii and iii
    c) i,ii and iii
    d) None of the above

    If the opacity of parent element is 0.5 and we want the child opacity to be 0.3 , what is the possible value for opacity for child element?
    a) 0.15
    b) 0.27
    c) 0.25
    d) 0.3

    Resources mentioned in the manifest file will be downloaded and cached locally for offline access.
    a) True
    b) False

    CSS selector for previous sibling
    a) +
    b) >
    c) !
    d) None of them

    Which is preferred method for drawing like animation and games
    a) SVG
    b) Canvas
    c) Both
    d) None of them

    Common challenges faced when designing or developing for multilingual sites are
    a) Standard text sizes and direction
    b) Font colours
    c) App executable size
    d) Unicode encoding of special characters

    Which of the following triggers on a mouse double-click
    a) ondblClick
    b) onDoubleClick

    Use_______ for making div not larger than its contents
    a) float
    b) absolutely positioned element
    c) inline-block element
    d) table element

    Number pad with a back button for text field can be achieved by
    a) type=telephone
    b) type=text and pattern
    c) type=number and pattern
    d) Can't be achieved

    Tables can have tables nested
    a) TRUE
    b) FALSE

    CSS3 allows multiple background images for box elements using
    a) ,
    b) ;
    c) Multiple definitions in {} for an element
    d) Multiple background images are not allowed

    CSS3 animations is not showing an effect because ___ or ___ not specified
    a) Name, Duration
    b) None of the above

    Preferred methods of optimising a website assets
    a) File Concatenation
    b) File Compression
    c) Offloading assets
    d) CDN Hosting

    Which is the permanent and website-specific storage in the following
    a) Cookies
    b) Session storage
    c) Local storage
    d) None of them

    Which are restrictions active if sandbox attribute is used?
    a) All activities are flowing safe path
    b) Links are prevented from targeting other browsing contexts
    c) All plugins are disabled
    d) Markup origin is hidden

    When table-width=100%, the navigator leaves room for a scrollbar on the right, even If the document does not require scrolling
    a) TRUE
    b) FALSE

    CSS triangles are formed by having height and width of
    a) Equal values
    b) 0
    c) Height greater than width
    d) Height lesser than width

    You are developing a customer web form that indicates the following HTML _______
    You need to change the HTML markup so that customers can enter only a valid three-letter country
    Code. Which HTML should you use?
    a) <input id="txtValue" type="country" />
    b) <input id="txtValue" type="text" required="xxx" />
    c) <input id="txtValue" type="text" pattern="[A-Za-z]{3}" />
    d) <input id="txtValue" type="code" pattern="country" />

    Which Boolean attribute if specified, will allow video automatically seek back to start after reaching at the end.
    a) Autoplay
    b) Autobuffer
    c) Loop
    d) Controls

    Hosting multiple applications on the same origin is a security flaw
    a) TRUE
    b) FALSE

    We can disable validation of HTML5 form elements by using
    a) Novalidate
    b) Invalidate
    c) Novalidation
    d) Novalidate="novalidate"

    Which is best suited for applications with large rendering areas eg: Google maps ?
    a) SVG
    b) Canvas
    c) Both
    d) None of them

    Chucknorris string produces red colour when entered as background colour in HTML, why?
    a) HTML cheatseet have certain random strings mapped to colours and it is one of them
    b) Chucknorris leaves blood-red backgrounds where ever he goes, including websoies
    c) HTML is built around intentionally ignoring malformed input
    d) Browsers substitute non-hex digits with zeros

    The location of the device could not be determined, the error code is 2 then what will be the constant?
    d) TIMEOUT

    In location property what specifies the geographic locations of the device. The location is expressed as a set of geographic coordinates together with information about heading and speed.
    a) coords.accuracy
    b) coords. Longitude
    c) coords
    d) Coords.altitudeAccuracy

    Cellspacing of HTML, in equivalent to ____ of CSS
    a) border-collapse: collapse;
    b) Border-spacing :X px;
    c) Padding : X px:
    d) No such option is available in CSS

    A mixin with no parameter is more efficient than using extend
    a) TRUE
    b) FALSE

    Which WebSocket attribute indicates the connection ready status
    a) Socket.readyState
    b) Socket.statusReady
    c) Socket.readyStatus
    d) isSocketReady
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    Hi Jeevan,

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