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    I want to separate it into 2 databases in sqlserver

    I have more than 7 years datas (91 GB).I want to separate it into 2 databases

    one for current data's ie. for the last 2 financial years

    another one for old data's

    how to do it?.
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    I think you have to create 2 separate data bases i.e DB_LIVE and DB_Archive to achieve this requirement

    So, same table schema definitions should be there in 2nd DB and on the first DB i.e DB_LIVE tables will be having triggers to post the data into DB_Archive once the rule which is satisfied like 2 years from the current date results rows will get inserted into the Archive DB tables and same results will get deleted from the DB_Live.

    similar thing you can achieve by writing SQL Jobs to process the beyond 2 years data into Archive and delete from LIVE

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    If you have datefield we need segregate datewise records push to temp table .

    create one tool for reading data and push to new table using import and export tool depends your table date wise

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