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    Chatroom web application C#

    I took a chatroom app on code project site from ASAPNETCHAT
    but if I take all its files and recreate them using visual studio 2015,nothing happens when I click on "Send" button on chat.aspx

    How can I upload the full project so that you may understand what I am talking about
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    I hope you have done with SingleR library component for the chat application. also, make sure getting room stuff from chat engine is properly mentioned the needed parameters before call sendMessage.

    and i think you can upload zip file using Choose File button in the same thread to share your stuff to .net forum

    B.Ramana Reddy

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    Now I have managed get the app to work,but if I add the aspx to a masterpage,then I am unable to post to a chat room.
    Attached is my project,the default page is Def.aspx

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