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    Jasper soft integration

    Jasper soft integration with dot net tool. when integrating it with getting some error
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    Generally jasper software used to generate report kind of information like PDF generator. so, this can be done through .net also.

    Could you elaborate more on this error which you are getting to advise further.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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    I have a search page, which will have 2 parameters as an input to search, it returns a report (UI).

    Report rendering first time only on the page, it's not rendering the subsequently(every time ).

    Ex: 1. If Search with Name all name will display in the report, [this is first time]
    2. if search with name and pincode number (just change the input parameters and trying to render the report]
    result is not showing the jsspersoft report.

    I am suspecting the post back events issue.

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