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    7+ year of experience interview questions

    kindly give suggestion for, what type of questions are asking current trends for 7 + exp.
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    Generally, the candidates who's having experience is more than 5 years they may face question from the below areas along with Technical questions from the relevant areas which you are mentioned in your profile.

    1. Development process
    2. Debugging skills to identify the bugs
    3. Task management when you have multiple tasks in your plate
    4. Role specific questions, like if you are applying for development like sr engineer, technical lead, architect...etc then question might be different like

    Did you explored any new technologies apart from regular stuff?
    Did you guided or trained resources to improve quality development with regular reviews?
    Do you possess good software engineering knowledge (for ex. design patterns, best practices in S/W development,etc) or have a strong interest in design patterns and software development process steps.

    if you are applying and looking for management side kind of role like team lead, manager then question might be different

    very importantly are you good in planning?
    Are you a good communication when dealing with teams?
    Do you like the challenge of handling people (many people underestimate this skill set)?
    Can you take total responsibility for the success/failure of a project?
    Do you possess good domain knowledge?

    I hope the above points will give entry level idea for the 5+ yrs experience to attend interview.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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