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    RESTFUL Service stateless Clarification

    1) Restful service is stateless and saw in internet that because of stateless, we cannot store anything in the server where service resides.
    2) But the HTTP Verb 'POST' is used to create a new instance and 'PUT' is used to update the data in the server right?

    It seems to be contradictory with the above 2 statements. Pls. clarify on this.
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    In RESTFUL Service, ST itself defines State Transfer and the properties beign stateless means complete closing off. It means, the state of the client's application is never stored on the server and is passed on.
    In this process, the client's send all the information that is required for the server to fulfill the HTTP request that has been sent.
    Thus every client request and the response is independent of the other with complete assurance of providing required information
    Every client send Session identifier which also executes as an identifier for each session
    So, while you accessing HTTP Verbs you have to pass or get the relevant stuff from client area like session identifier values from Cookie and then pass it to server to process.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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