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    Converting VS 2010 project to VS 2013

    This is 5 year old project I am working on at work. The first thing I was prompted with when opening it in 2013 was to download windows SDK 7.1 to compile it in v100. ?
    Then after I upgraded solution. I was prompted to change character set from multi-byte to Unicode.

    Rebuild resulted in 3612 Errors, most of them stating "cannot convert.......". I don't know what the file count was but it might be 20-50 files.

    What is this about and will I have to make so many changes to get this to build in 2013?
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    Converting 2010 project to 2013 project might have problems , because might be 2010 project
    may have originally created as a "web site" rather than a "web Project" . Try to open the application as a web site and see what happens. that may help get you to the point you can actually get to the code to convert it in VS 2013.

    Hope this helps.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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